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Alcohol News - 24/2019

Open Access Government - More intense alcohol use by children with lenient parents
Researchers found that children are more likely to start drinking alcohol, drink more frequently and get drunk if their parents have a lenient attitude towards drinking.
BBC News (UK) - Latest health guidance missing from alcohol labels
The alcohol industry has not updated health information labelling three years after health experts issued new guidelines, the BBC has found.
The Local France (France) - Cigarettes and alcohol: How young French people differ from older generations
A new report in France looks at how the younger generation are smoking and drinking compared to their parents and there was some good news that means the national stereotypes about the French may no longer apply.
The Guardian (UK) - I’ve been honest about alcohol. But the drinks industry hasn’t
I’ve drunk more alcohol than is good for me all my life. Deep down, I knew it couldn’t be doing me much good, but I kept my lips to the glass and my head in the sand and ploughed right on. Mea culpa.
CNN - People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the 'sober curious'
Getaway in Brooklyn was comfortably full for a Saturday night, when I came in to try my first "shrub" — an acidic beverage made from vinegar, fruit, sugar, club soda and zero alcohol.
The Conversation UK - Drinking alcohol at conception shown to harm rats – new study
Drinking alcohol while pregnant can have a devastating impact on the developing baby, leading to poor cognition and behaviour. Alcohol is also known to increase the risk of miscarriages, stillbirth and other placental complications.
Medical Xpress - High-density of alcohol outlets and advertising affect youth drinking
Alcohol use among Tanzanian youth is rising and the high density of alcohol selling outlets and alcohol advertisements coupled with low enforcement of minimum drinking age laws are likely facilitating this uptick, according to a study by the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.
POPSUGAR - I Stopped Drinking For 30 Days, and It Felt So Good That I'm Choosing to Change My Habits
To be clear, I enjoy having a drink with friends as much as anyone else. For most 20-somethings, alcohol is the common denominator in just about any event on your social calendar. So when I first decided to give it up for a month, I was more worried about navigating after-work happy hours and dinner plans than I was about how my body would feel during the adjustment. (New Zealand) - Auckland Council could get new powers to ban alcohol in streets around festivals and concerts
Local government may soon be able to enforce temporary alcohol bans on streets around music festivals and concerts without requiring evidence of alcohol-related problems taking place.
Jersey Evening Post - Parents want limits on alcohol advertising – survey
Some 71% of parents want alcohol ads restricted on television, social media and the internet, the Alcohol and Families Alliance said.
The Sun (UK) - One in three men turn to alcohol to ease depression – the 10 warning signs you are at risk
ONE in three men turn to alcohol to ease depression, according to a new report. Figures reveal that nearly two thirds of guys have experienced mental health problems in the last five years.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - Let's get alcohol strategy done: Hunt
Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt expects a national plan to reduce the harm caused by alcohol will be released in the coming months amid calls for a campaign to improve public awareness.
Australian scientists conducted a study and confirmed what a lot of harm to the child is presented with alcohol both during pregnancy and immediately before conception. On the work of specialists from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - HSE defends using children to catch retailers selling alcohol to minors
The HSE has defended using children in sting operations to catch retailers who are selling alcohol to underage customers.
Phys.Org (New Zealand) - Hidden cost of alcohol to workplaces estimated at $1.65 billion
Employees turning up to work hungover, or not turning up at all, cost New Zealand $1.65 billion per year, a University of Otago study has found.
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Economy ministry proposes increasing bottom prices of alcohol
The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine has proposed bottom wholesale and retail prices of vodka and liquors by 10.7 percent, whiskey, rum and gin – by 7.3 percent, cognac – by 9.1-9.5 percent, and win – by 7.4-10.2 percent.
Bloomberg (Oman) - Oman to Impose 100% Tax on Tobacco, Alcohol Starting Next Week
Oman will introduce 100% tax on tobacco, alcohol and pork meat from June 15, as the sultanate follows other Gulf governments in trying to pare its reliance on oil revenue.
Metro - How to help a friend with depression when they’re drinking booze
Everybody knows alcohol is a depressant (if you didn’t, you do now), but alcohol can also be a really rather enjoyable way to distract yourself from life’s miseries and make you think that karaoke and texting an old hookup are both brilliant ideas.
Public Health England (UK) - New evidence on alcohol-related harm to people other than the drinker
We all know about the harmful effects of alcohol to the drinker. However, evidence is emerging for the harm caused by the drinker to their families, co-workers, the community and society.
NDARC (Australia) - Alcopops tax cuts drinking and harm
A new NDARC study found that the introduction of an alcopop tax has significantly reduced alcohol-related harm among young Australians, writes Carleen Frost.
Pallium India (India) - Rising alcohol consumption threatens health in India and globally
A press release from the Healthy India Alliance (HIA) calls for multi-sectoral action for the increasing alcohol consumption in India. The growth in per capita consumption is a global phenomenon, but the increase in India is way out of proportion to the rest of the world.
NBC News (USA) - U.S. death rates from suicides, alcohol and drug overdoses reach all-time high
Rates of deaths from suicides, drug overdoses and alcohol have reached an all-time high in the United States, but some states have been hit far harder than others, according to a report released Wednesday by the Commonwealth Fund.

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