Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Alcohol News - 50/2018

Science Codex (Australia) - More taxes on alcohol as a way to tackle obesity
We don’t often equate the kilojoules we drink in our glass of wine or pint of beer with the weight that accumulates around our middle. But our new study shows increasing the price of alcohol is the most value for money policy option to prevent obesity in Australia.
Washington Post - Shaken not slurred: James Bond had ‘a severe chronic alcohol problem,’ public health experts say
Public health experts at the University of Otago in New Zealand analyzed Bond films from 1962 to 2015 to better understand his patterns of alcohol use.
The Korea Herald (Suth Korea) - Alcohol addiction increasing among youth: report
The number of youths getting treated for alcohol addiction neared 2,000 last year, doubling from seven years ago, a report said Wednesday.
Marie Claire - A Doctor Reveals The Effects That Drinking Alcohol Has On Your Skin
For a lot of us, Christmas party season means one thing: a significant increase in booze consumption (and hangovers). As well as making us feel worse for wear the next day, a lot of *big* nights out can take a toll on our physical health, including that of our skin.
The Diplomat (Japan) - Japan’s Crackdown On Drunk Pilots Uncovers Rampant Alcohol-Related Misconduct
Japan Ministry of Transport has launched an overhaul of the aviation industry’s lax alcohol testing standards after an intoxicated co-pilot attempted to board an international flight in London. The embarrassing incident not only made worldwide headlines but exposed the lack of legal frameworks regulating Japan’s aviation industry’s drinking policies. - Study finds upward link between alcohol consumption and physical activity in college students
Upending conventional wisdom that physical activity can be a healthy deterrent to alcohol consumption, University of Houston Moores professor of psychology Clayton Neighbors is examining the relationship between the two in college students. In prior work, Neighbors concluded that as activity goes up, so does drinking.
The Straits Times (Singapore) - More people in Singapore struggling with alcohol abuse, but seeking help earlier: Study
A mental health study has shown that while alcohol abuse is a growing problem here, sufferers have been seeking help earlier.
The Star, Kenya (Kenya) - Alcohol is the most abused drug in Kenya — Chipukeezy
Nacada board member Chipukeezy on Monday said alcohol is still the number one most abused drug in Kenya.
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) - Almost half of the Hongkongers who consume alcohol go binge drinking, survey finds
Almost half of the Hongkongers who drank alcohol between August and November went binge drinking at least once, according to a survey by a cancer awareness group.
Glasgow Live (Scotland) - Alcohol related deaths in Glasgow still higher than Scottish average
More than half of the alcohol related deaths reported throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in 2017 were recorded in the city. - Health risks of alcohol mean it should be treated like a drug
Around 2.4 billion people globally drink alcohol, a drug which alters perception and ­depresses brain function – and now we know the only safe level of consumption is zero.
RACGP (Australia) - Up to a quarter of ED presentations are alcohol-related: Report
‘Emergency departments are becoming like pubs’: One in four weekend emergency department presentations at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne occurred following alcohol consumption.
BlogActiv (EU) - Recovery from Alcohol Abuse in EU
Retaining the unenviable ‘title’ as the world’s heaviest drinkers for more than a decade now, Europeans have recognized the health consequences of alcohol consumption to the drinker and to those around him. The European Union and the World Health Organization have worked together to develop policies and programs to reduce the harms of excessive alcohol use across the whole EU.
The Conversation (UK) - The problem of drinking in pregnancy – and what to do about it
Last year, it was reported that the UK has one of the worst rates of drinking while pregnant in Europe. These figures come from a study which shows 41% of women in the UK drank alcohol during their pregnancy.
Medscape - Alcohol Abuse: Complications and Consequences
RTHK (Hong Kong) - Drinkers warned of cancer risk
The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is warning that only 30 percent of Hong Kong people it surveyed are aware of the cancer risks of drinking.
SBS (Australia) - Alcohol causes nearly 6,000 Australian deaths in one year
Almost 6,000 Australians died from alcohol-attributable disease in a single year, about one every 90 minutes, according to new research as reported by Cancer Council in Western Australia.

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