Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Alcohol News - 31/2018

CNN - Alcohol in breast milk may lead to lower cognition in kids, study finds
Children's exposure to alcohol through breast milk may cause a comparable drop in their cognitive abilities, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Alcohol brands should be banned from sponsoring sports, researchers say
Researchers say alcohol brands should be banned from sponsoring sports due to the damaging impacts it has on children. (Australia) - New ID scanner could make it a lot harder to buy alcohol
A PROPOSAL by the Western Australian government could make it a lot harder for some Aussies to buy alcohol with the introduction of an ID scanner in bottle shops.
Economic Times - Say no to alcohol, exercise regularly to reduce risk of cancer
A healthy diet and physical activities with no alcohol consumption can help in reducing overall cancer risk besides also lowering breast, prostate and colorectal cancer risks.
Newshub (New Zealand) - Kiwi kids exposed to alcohol ads over four times a day – study
The study by University of Otago and University of Auckland found children were exposed to ads in the home, licensed outlets and sports venues.
Medical News Bulletin - Can your alcohol consumption put you at risk for a heart attack?
A recent study in PLOS Medicine explored the controversial issue of the relationship between alcohol and the incidence rate of heart attacks.
Deutsche Welle (Germany) - Alcohol and the unforgiving liver
Small amounts of alcoholic beverages now and then can be broken down by the liver. However, long-term, too much alcohol damages not only the liver, but also the brain. (Bulgaria) - Bulgaria in the Top Six in the World When it Comes to Alcohol Consumption
"Capital" reports that, according to the International Organization of Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), Bulgaria is among the top six in the world for consumption of spirits per capita, as the statistics also include domestic production.
TTG - Travel backs ‘One Too Many’ responsible alcohol campaign
Airports, airlines and tour operators have teamed up to call with one voice for a clampdown on excessive pre-flight drinking.
BBC News (UK) - Every university 'needs' Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings should take place in universities across the UK, student leaders have said. (USA) - Drunk drivers: Iowa is going to start asking where you had your last drink
Officials with the Iowa agency that approves liquor licenses are pairing up with a national organization to track where intoxicated drivers were last served or provided alcoholic beverages.
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VietNamNet Bridge (Vietnam) - Alcohol-related harm equivalent to 1.3-3.3% of GDP
The cost of the harm done to society by alcohol consumption in Vietnam is valued at 1.3-3.3% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), the World Health Organization (WHO) reported at a recent group meeting of the Ministry of Health in Hanoi. (New Zealand) - Time for Government action on reducing alcohol-related harm
University of Otago experts in addiction medicine and the health effects of alcohol are questioning what the barriers are to Government action on reducing alcohol-related harm and calling for change. - Botswana: Alcohol Intake Declines
The Alcohol Levy has resulted in a decrease in alcohol consumption in Botswana to around seven litres of pure alcohol per capita in 2011/12 from eight litres in 2008.
The Sun - ‘It’s time for a ban on airport drinking’ – warns booze and violence expert
University professor Simon C Moore has argued that the comfort of all passengers outweighs the desires of a minority who want to “start their holiday early”.

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