Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Alcohol News - 28/2018

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related brain damage at 10-year high
The number of people admitted to hospital in Scotland with alcohol-related brain damage has reached a 10-year high.
The Sun (Spain) - Tourists heading to Ibiza and Majorca may face booze limit at BRITISH airports
THE Balearic government is going to call for a limit on alcohol consumption at airports in a bid to curb the growing problem of drunk passengers on flights. (Netherlands) - Educated Dutch among most likely in Europe to drink regularly
Well-educated Dutch and Belgian citizens are more likely than almost anyone in Europe to drink alcohol at least once a week, according to a study published on Tuesday.
9News - Teen drinkers more likely to battle alcohol abuse in adulthood
When it comes to underage drinking, how often a teenager drinks rather than how much they drink has been found to be a bigger indicator of problems later in life.
The Conversation US - Alcohol’s health benefits hard to prove, but harms are easy to document
I research alcohol use and the associations between drinking and a wide range of problems. While the rising opioid epidemic has been receiving a lot of attention in the past five years, it is important to remember that alcohol is involved in a greater number of deaths and physical and social problems.
EurekAlert - Alcohol consumption is associated with nocturnal leg cramps
New research finds that, among patients over 60 years old, there is a strong association between consumption of alcoholic beverages and nocturnal leg cramps.
The New Times - Alcohol and the reproductive system
Alcohol is one of the most common abusive substances known and used worldwide for all occasions, and for relaxation as well.
Science Daily - Study examines alcohol's effects on sexual aggression
New research examines alcohol's 'in the moment' effects on sexual aggression, or the acute effects of alcohol on men's decisions about how to respond to sexual refusals in a dating simulation.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Retired Irish men aged 50+ are more likely to have an alcohol problem, study finds
Men who are over 50 and retired are more likely to have a boozing problem, research has found. The study carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland suggests “older adults remain vulnerable to alcohol-related harm”.
Rugby World - LISTEN: Special podcast on Rugby World’s recent alcohol investigation
Rugby World’s own Alan Dymock hosts a special podcast for the Times’ Ruck based on our latest investigation in the current issue of the magazine – an in-depth look at some rugby players’ struggles with alcohol misuse, addiction and related mental health issues.
Independent Online (South Africa) - How alcohol kills South Africans
When alcohol kills it discriminates - it picks on the poor and sick and goes lightly on the rich.
7Q2 (South Africa) - The human face of foetal alcohol syndrome
Watch the story of the life of Jade below, who, due to circumstances, was not able to stop her alcohol and substance abuse during pregnancy.
Alcohol Concern (UK) - New report calls for overhaul of “ineffective” alcohol marketing regulation
In a new report published today (6 July 2018) a leading alcohol charity is calling on the UK Government to undertake a thorough review of how alcohol marketing is regulated.
EurekAlert - How do state policies on alcohol use affect pregnant women and infants?
It is well known that if women drink while they are pregnant, they increase the chances that children may be affected by alcohol, including a broad range of serious defects referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
MEDPage Today - Critically Ill Patients Who Abuse Alcohol at Greater Risk for ARDS
Chronic alcohol abuse is a significant, independent risk factor for the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) among critically ill patients, especially among those with sepsis, researchers report.

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