Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Alcohol News - 41/2017 (New Zealand) - Call to ban alcohol in supermarkets after cameras reveal over-exposure to children
New Zealand children are being exposed to alcohol every nearly every time they go to the supermarket, sparking a call from researchers to have it banned from such stores.
NBC Southern California (USA) - Los Angeles Moves to Tighten Rules on Alcohol Sales at Gas Stations
A Los Angeles City Council committee voted Tuesday in favor of adopting stricter enforcement of the sale of alcoholic beverages at gas stations in an effort to reduce drunk driving and the availability of alcohol to minors. (Australia) - Why more middle-aged women are turning to alcohol
WHEN mother-of-two and business owner Sally Doran started to drink a bottle of wine each night, she didn’t think of it as a big problem. (Bulgaria) - Possible Ban For Consumption of Alcohol in Public Parks in Sofia
Sofia municipality has brought in proposals for a new Ordinance on Public Order which bans fireworks and noisy parties in residential buildings after 22:00, reported the Bulgarian National Television.
Daily Mail (UK) - Tough new drink limits you won't see on the bottle: Industry ignores health bosses' demands to display guidelines on their products
Tough new guidance on drinking limits are unlikely to be printed on most alcohol bottles and cans, after industry bodies told their members they did not need to display the updated advice.
Forbes (Asia) - Closing Time: Four Countries In Asia Shuttering Their Alcohol Sales
Local officials in Malaysia have canceled a beer festival scheduled for today and Saturday on security concerns, including possible sabotage, according to news reports such as this one from Kuala Lumpur. (UK) - Council calls for ban on alcohol advertising on TV before 9pm
The authority's cabinet has called for a 9pm watershed for such adverts in order 'to protect children and young people from the influence of alcohol advertising'.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Catholic bishops criticise ‘glamourising’ of alcohol
The “glamourising of alcohol” through advertising, promotions and sponsorship can adversely affect the behaviour of young people, Catholic bishops have said. - Is it time you stopped drinking and joined the 'soberocracy'?
Do you “Go Sober for October”, the annual Macmillan Cancer Support campaign in which hundreds of thousands of Brits give up the bottle? Don’t worry if not: it won’t be long before Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January” is upon us, when 5 million of us collapse onto the wagon.
The Sunday Post (Scotland) - Every child has right to grow up safe from harm, says Alcohol Focus Scotland’s Alison Douglas
While every family’s situation is different, children who live with someone who drinks too much say they feel scared, confused, stressed and angry when their parent is drinking.
Greek Reporter (Greece) - Rise in Alcohol Dependence due to Economic Crisis in Greece
“We are worried about the increase in excessive alcohol consumption among adolescents and the heavy use overall, especially in provincial areas,” said Greece’s Health Minister Andreas Xanthos. - Even Moderate Alcohol Use Can Increase Cancer Risk
It’s been well-noted that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a slew of health effects, including an increased risk of multiple types of cancers, but what about the effects of moderate drinking?

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