Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Alcohol News - 38/2017

The Portugal News (Portugal) - Alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption rise over last five years
Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and illegal psychoactive substances, mainly cannabis, have increased in the last five years in Portugal, according to a study by the Intervention Service for Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD).
Rand Daily Mail (South Africa) - Western Cape government planning massive clampdown on alcohol sales
It's going to be much harder to buy a beer in Cape Town‚ if the Western Cape government has its way.
TIME - Teens Today Are Having Sex, Dating and Drinking Less Than They Used To
Contrary to popular belief, today’s kids are not growing up too fast. According to a new study published in the journal Child Development, they’re growing up slower than they used to.
Penn State News - Drinking to cope with stress may increase risk of alcohol problems
It can be tempting for some to reach for a cold beer after a stressful day, but drinking alcohol to relieve stress could potentially lead to drinking problems down the road, according to Penn State researchers.
IFLScience - No, Scientists Didn't Say Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Is Okay
There were quite a few headlines making the rounds last week that light drinking during pregnancy “might be okay”. This was apparently based on a recent study. (Ireland) - Alcohol Bill tops Cabinet priorities for new Dáil term
The Cabinet has agreed on the legislation that will come before the Oireachtas this autumn. The priority legislation identified by the Cabinet included the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, which will set a minimum unit price for alcohol.
Irish Times (Ireland) - ‘De-normalisation’ of alcohol purchases targeted by health body
New legislation is aimed at both “de-normalising” the sale of alcohol and reducing impulse buying, which accounts for almost one-third of alcohol purchases, according to the vice-chairman of the association representing public health staff.
The Punch (Zimbabwe) - Zimbabwe moves to ban sales of alcohol during weekdays
The Zimbabwean government is planning to enact a law barring the sale of alcohol from Monday to Friday, some hours of the day and to expectant women, in order to curb abuse.
Science Daily - Immune system linked to alcohol drinking behavior
Researchers from the University of Adelaide have found a new link between the brain's immune system and the desire to drink alcohol in the evening.
New York Times (USA) - Alcohol Abuse Is Rising Among Older Adults
In the summer, Henry Wrenn-Meleck likes to sit on the stoop of his building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, observing the passing urban parade. (UK) - UK alcohol damage mapped: The areas of Britain where drink is taking heaviest toll
Hospital admissions linked to liver damage have doubled in a decade, according to new figures which show the parts of the country where alcohol is taking the heaviest toll.
Reuters (Thailand) - Thailand sets new excise tax on alcohol, cigarettes
Thailand’s new excise tax law will see higher prices of certain goods, including some alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, and should generate about 12 billion baht ($360 million) in tax revenue, a senior government official said on Saturday.
YLE News (Finland) - Retailers welcome alcohol reform, addiction experts warn of health risks
Alcohol law reform was on parliament's agenda on Thursday, with a government proposal to make stronger drinks available in supermarkets submitted for consideration by Mps.
iMedicalApps - Using Virtual Reality to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Teens
Could a virtual reality (VR) house party app help deter or decrease underage drinking? A team of researchers from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, thinks it can, with their mobile VR app Blurred Minds: Perfect Pour.
The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia) - Slovaks drink less and less
Behind the decline in alcohol consumption is, for example, the abandoning of the habit of drinking at work – typical especially during communism, according to an expert.
EURACTIV (Greece) - Greece backtracks on ‘ineffective’ excise tax on wine
The Greek government will soon table an amendment to abolish excise duty on wine as it has not brought the desired financial results, Greek Minister for Agricultural Development and Food Evangelos Apostolou said.
ScienceNordic - This is what drinking does to the brain
The brain’s billions of neurons are always active in any living person. They are interlinked in a network that sends electrical pulses to one another. This happens in everything we do – if we are thinking, running, smiling, remembering, sensing or simply scratching an arm. - Alcohol use linked to higher risk for road-traffic injury in Latin America and the Caribbean
Road-traffic injuries (RTIs), which are often fatal, are regrettable consequences of modern transportation. According to the World Health Organization, low- and middle-income countries have road-traffic fatality rates that are double those of high-income countries.
Evening Times (Scotland) - Alcohol price rise needed, say health campaigners
Alcohol Focus Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to consider re-instating measures like the retailer levy on supermarkets selling alcohol to raise cash.

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