Thursday, July 20, 2017

Alcohol News - 29/2017

TASS (Russia) - Alcohol consumption, alcohol-related deaths going down in Russia - health ministry
Alcohol consumption and alcohol-related deaths in Russia continue to demonstrate downwards tendencies, the press service of the Russian ministry of health told TASS on Thursday.
The Advertiser (Australia) - Teens drink less if they know alcohol causes cancer — but most don’t — Adelaide University and SAHMRI study finds
TEENS are less likely to drink if they know that alcohol is a major cause of cancer, but most are unaware of the link, a South Australian study has found.
ITV News (UK) - Cheap alcohol still sold for 'pocket money prices' according to charity
A survey looking at alcohol prices across the UK has found that for the cost of a small latte, it is possible to buy more than the weekly recommended limit of alcohol.
Science Daily - Reversing fetal alcohol damage after birth: Study offers hope
Two commonly used drugs erased the learning and memory deficits caused by fetal alcohol exposure when the drugs were given after birth, thus potentially identifying a treatment for the disorder, reports a new study. The scientists also newly identified a key molecular mechanism by which alcohol neurologically and developmentally harms the developing fetus.
Men's Health - Being Sleepy Can Make You Feel More Drunk
Meeting the guys for a few drinks after work? You might not want to stay up late bingeing Netflix the night before: Skimping on shuteye can increase the impairing effects of alcohol, a new study in the journal Human Psychopharmacology suggests.
EDMTunes (Ibiza) - Ibiza Wants to Ban Alcohol on Flights
A trip to Ibiza is the dream for electronic music fans and anyone who loves a good party, but the island’s popularity is becoming a problem. Authorities have asked the European Union to consider banning alcohol on all flights and airports in the Balearic Islands.
EURACTIV - EU ignores calls for booze ban on flights
The European Commission does not intend to limit alcohol consumption during flights as it is a national competence, despite the fact that officials from popular tourist destinations requested its intervention.
Irish Times (Ireland) - What is it like being addicted to alcohol in a culture soaked in it?
“I work in a toxic environment. Every Friday, there is a trip to the pub. I avoid it like the plague but sometimes cannot, if a work colleague is leaving or it’s the last day of a particular work cycle. (Ireland) - More people attending sexual-assault centres as alcohol found to be a factor in many cases - annual report
Nearly one in two people who sought help from the country's sexual-assault treatment units last year had drunk at least the equivalent of two pints of beer.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Why banning alcohol advertising for young people is the right move
A new opinion poll, commissioned by Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland from polling company Ireland Thinks, demonstrates that 82 per cent of the public support the view that alcohol marketing which appeals to young people should be prohibited.
The Times (Ireland) - Varadkar wants alcohol crackdown by year’s end
Leo Varadkar has committed to tackling Ireland’s “co-dependant” relationship with drinking by passing the Alcohol Bill before the end of the year.
Harvard Health - Alcohol’s heart advantages under scrutiny
Conventional wisdom holds that a drink or two a day protects against heart disease. But this assumption may be wishful thinking, a new analysis suggests.

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