Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alcohol News - 28/2017 (EU) - Estonian presidency’s priorities in health are tackling harmful use of alcohol and advancing digital innovation in health
During the presidency, an agreement is expected on how to advance data-based innovation in health and tackle harmful use of alcohol.
EURACTIV - Majority of Europeans face risk of digestive cancers due to alcohol, report claims
A new report has linked alcohol consumption in the EU to an increase in cases of digestive cancer and warned policymakers to take immediate action.
Economic Times (Italy) - Rome bans alcohol in public on summer nights
Italy maybe famous for its pizzas and wine, but from this summer, one half of that combination may have to be dropped. The Mayor of Rome has banned alcohol from the the streets and public squares of the capital, saying she didn't want excessive drinking to hamper the "Roman summer experience". - The disturbing reason some people turn red when they drink alcohol
When drinking alcohol, often in vast quantities, some people's faces go bright red. Noticed it? And for many, it's not because they're embarrassed, hot, or sunburnt. It could well be a condition called 'alcohol flush reaction', and it's not a good news.
Independent Online (South Africa) - ‘No to selling alcohol at school’
Teachers’ unions and civil society groups have also voiced their concern over amendments to the Western Cape Provincial School Education Bill that allows alcohol to be sold on school premises. - Alcohol in pregnancy may have transgenerational effects
A new study by the University of California Riverside suggests drinking alcohol during pregnancy will not only affect the unborn child but also future generations of children. (Australia) - Junk food, alcohol and drugs are fuelling health crisis in young adults
YOUNG people refusing to eat fruit and vegetables and instead loading up on junk food are fuelling the state’s obesity crisis.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol industry operating like ‘big tobacco’ to stall legislation
Intensive drinks industry lobbying has been successful in delaying public health on alcohol, according to former minister of state for health Marcella Corcoran Kennedy.
ABC Online (Australia) - NT's legal drinking age should rise to 21 and floor price should be set for alcohol, doctors say
The legal drinking age in the Northern Territory should be raised to 21, and the rest of Australia should consider doing the same, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians says. (New Zealand) - Treaty of Waitangi claim targets alcohol harm among Maori
A claim before the Waitangi Tribunal is calling on the Government to raise the price of alcohol in an effort to curb the impact of drinking on the health of Maori. - Why Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Ups Risk of Future Addiction
Research has shown that prenatal exposure to alcohol can lead to an increased risk for drug addiction later in life. Now neuroscientists at the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions are discovering the underlying mechanisms for why this occurs.
Baltic Times (Latvia) - Latvian government supports steeper excise tax hike on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol
The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers today supported amendments to the Law on Excise Tax, providing for a steeper excise tax hike on fuel, cigarettes, and alcohol. - Binge drinking likely to contribute to development of compulsive alcohol consumption
Prior research suggests that binge drinking may increase people's risk of developing alcohol use disorders (AUDs), especially adolescents and young adults.
Pattaya Mail (Thailand) - Prime Minister concerned on Thais’ high alcohol consumption
The Prime Minister is concerned about the high consumption of alcohol among the Thai people, urging the public to use the Buddhist Lent to reduce alcohol consumption for their own health. - Alcohol industry isn’t just funding studies; it’s also funding journalism to sway public opinion
Just four days ago, the New York Times reported, “Is Alcohol Good for You? An Industry-Backed Study Seeks Answers.” Because it was the day before the July 4th holiday, the story may not have received the attention it deserves, so we shine a spotlight on it here.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Poorest would gain most from minimum unit price for booze, say Gps
FORTY GPs representing Scotland’s most deprived communities have claimed their patients would receive the greatest direct benefit from a minimum unit price for alcohol.

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