Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Alcohol News - 22/2017

Wall Street Journal - Women and Alcohol: One Glass a Day Linked to Cancer
Even one small glass of wine or beer a day increases the risk of women developing breast cancer, according to a new report. Even the experts are surprised by the results. WSJ's Tanya Rivero reports.
Addiction Now - The effects of alcohol and marijuana on academic performance
Researchers from various universities in Connecticut analyzed the combined impact of alcohol and marijuana on the academic performance of college students and found that even moderate use of both substances can negatively impact a person’s grade point average (GPA).
Montreal Gazette (Canada) - We're consuming less alcohol, but not thanks to the Quebec government: poll
Quebecers are drinking less alcohol than they did five years ago, although statistics on excessive drinking in this province remain worrisome, a survey made public Tuesday suggests.
Quartz (Africa) - The global alcohol business is expanding in Africa and that’s bad news for health
The alcohol industry is doing exactly what the tobacco industry did several decades ago to ensure growth and increase profits: expanding into Africa as an underdeveloped market. As a result, exposure to alcohol in African countries is expected to increase in the next few years. With it comes alcohol-related health and social problems.
The Cambodia Daily (Cambodia) - Government Bans Alcohol, Citing ‘Disorder’
The government has issued a temporary nationwide ban on selling and consuming alcohol over the weekend to avoid “disorder” during Sunday’s commune elections, continuing a regular election policy in Cambodia.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol behind spike in people presenting to A and E after self-harm on St Patrick's Day and other public holidays
Alcohol is behind a spike in people presenting to A and E with self-harm injuries on public holidays, with St Patrick's Day showing the highest numbers of hospitalisations, new research suggests.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finns Party unwilling to compromise on alcohol law reform
The parliamentary groups of the three ruling parties will convene today to seek common ground on a bill to reform the alcohol legislation of Finland, after failing to agree on a compromise proposal presented by the Centre Party on Tuesday.
YLE News (Finland) - Alcohol-induced injuries flood Finland's hospitals, public price tag is high
A 2016 report from Nordic Healthcare Group found that people with alcohol problems make up one third of the patients seeking out urgent medical care in Finland.
ABC Online (Australia) - Calls to extend alcohol sale ban to Aboriginal people at remote roadhouses in central Australia
More and more alcohol is being illegally trafficked into the Aboriginal communities of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Lands in central Australia, an area that is officially 'dry'. - Study finds direct link between adolescent lying and early alcohol usage
Adolescents who have a greater tendency to lie to their parents are also more likely to start using alcohol at an earlier age, while excessive parental supervision may aggravate rather than solve the problem.
Cyprus Mail (Cyprus) - Teens’ easy access to alcohol a ‘huge problem’
MPs sounded the alarm on Wednesday over the ease with which minors have access to alcohol as they pondered a bill to raise the legal age for consumption from 17 to 18.
Xinhua (Lithuania) - Lithuania to raise legal drinking age, shorten alcohol selling hours
Legal drinking age would be increased to 20 years-old in Lithuania and further alcohol selling hours restrictions would be introduced, the country's parliament (Seimas) agreed on Thursday.
The Arctic Journal (Greenland) - Unhappy hour
When discussing alcohol consumption in Greenland, Denmark often provides a frame of reference. Back in the 1980s, every resident over the age of 14 put away 20 litres of alcohol a year, about twice as much as Danes. Since then, consumption is down by more than half, and is now lower than in Denmark, which has stayed the same.
STA - Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (Slovenia) - Parliament lifts ban on alcohol at sports events
The National Assembly has passed amendments to the act restricting the use of alcohol that reverse a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at sporting events.

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