Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alcohol News - 21/2017

Live Science - How Alcohol & Gut Fungus Team Up to Damage Your Liver
Heavy drinking can lead to liver disease, but a new study suggests that it's not just the alcohol that damages the liver — fungi that commonly live in the human gut appear to contribute to the disease as well.
American Institute for Cancer Research - Just one alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk
Drinking just one glass of wine or other alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk, finds a major new report by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).
EurekAlert - Moderate drinking may not ward off heart disease
Many people believe that having a glass of wine with dinner--or moderately drinking any kind of alcohol--will protect them from heart disease. But a hard look at the evidence finds little support for that.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - New law to help limit teenagers access to alcohol praised by top Monklands cop
Monklands police are warning local residents about the consequences of helping under-age drinkers get their hands on alcohol.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Working group meets to iron out details of alcohol law reform
A governmental working group convened yesterday to re-commence its discussions about the upcoming reform of Finland's alcohol legislation more than a year after finding an agreement on the reform bill, Outi Mäkelä (NCP), a member of the working group, reveals to Uusi Suomi.
Science Daily - Exposure to alcohol before birth may make drinking more appealing to teens
Fetal alcohol exposure (FAE) reduces the taste system’s responsiveness to the bitter flavor and burning sensation of many varieties of alcoholic beverages, new research shows. These factors make alcohol unappealing to some people, but, for reasons that are unclear, are less of a deterrent in young people exposed to alcohol before birth.
BBC News - When mum or dad is an alcoholic
One in five children in the UK are said to be negatively affected by their parents' drinking, and the effects can last well into adulthood. Four women - Karen, Liz, Hilary and Lynne - spoke to Jo Morris about growing up with a parent dependent on alcohol.
Science Daily (USA) - Tens of millions of Americans drink alcohol at dangerously high levels, study finds
Nearly 32 million adults in the United States consumed more than twice the number of drinks considered binge drinking on at least one occasion, according to a 2013 survey that asked about past-year drinking. This higher level of drinking is associated with increased health and safety risks.
Medical News Today - Weight loss surgery may cause alcohol addiction
More and more people in the United States are opting for bariatric, or weight loss, surgery. However, new research finds that one of the most common forms of weight loss surgery may raise the risk of alcohol dependence.
Toronto Sun (Canada) - Journalists’ brains below average due to alcohol and caffeine: Study
According to a study released Thursday by neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart in association with the London Press Club, the highest functions of the human brain operate at a lower level in journalists than the average population.
South African Broadcasting Corporation (South Africa) - Alcohol linked to recent spike of rapes, murders
Gender-based violence activists say alcohol is at the centre of most of the rapes and murders experienced in recent weeks. The country has seen a rise in the number of women and children who have been abused, raped or killed, sparking public outrage. (Canada) - 35% of Canadian teens riding with alcohol-impaired drivers: study
A new study has found one in three high school students has ridden with a driver who has been drinking, while nearly one in five has been in a car with a driver who has smoked marijuana.
RTN Newspaper (Spain) - Spain gets tougher on alcohol controls
INCREASED ALCOHOL testing on Saturday and Sunday mornings is to be introduced on Spanish roads following a string of tragic accidents involving cyclists and drunk drivers in recent weeks.

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