Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Alcohol News - 14/2017

Herald Scotland (UK) - Minimum unit pricing for alcohol should be introduced across UK if successful in Scotland
Minimum unit pricing for alcohol should be introduced across the UK if it proves a success in Scotland, a Lords committee has urged.
The Register-Guard (USA) - Lawmakers introduce bill that would ban alcohol on Oregon’s beaches
Drinking alcohol on Oregon’s public beaches would become a crime under a bill introduced Tuesday in the state Legislature.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Sweeping changes to alcohol tax and regulation urged on Turnbull government
Drinkers would pay far less for a bottle of vodka but much more for cask wine, while booze would be available from supermarkets and corner stores, under major reforms to alcohol regulation being urged on the federal government. (Netherlands) - Dutch pilots call for unruly passenger blacklist, better alcohol controls at Schiphol
Dutch pilots unions are calling for tighter controls on the sale of alcohol at Schiphol airport and a blacklist of passengers who misbehave, reports television programme Brandpunt on Tuesday.
Science Daily (Finland) - Risky alcohol consumption can increase at time of retirement
Every tenth employee increases their alcohol consumption to risky levels at the time of retirement from full-time employment. However, the increase seems to be temporary as risky drinking often decreases during the retirement.
WBUR - How We Doctors Are Failing Our Patients Who Drink Too Much
The middle-aged man in my exam room wasn’t an alcoholic. At least, that’s what he declared to me as I asked him questions about his drinking.
Science Daily - Alcohol abuse even before pregnancy may harm offspring
Mothers who binge drink before they become pregnant may be more likely to have children with high blood sugar and other changes in glucose function that increase their risk of developing diabetes as adults, according to a new study.
KBBI (USA) - Alcohol And Drug Abuse In Alaska Rack Up Annual Cost of Billions
The total costs from alcohol and drug abuse and dependence in Alaska are more than $3 billion per year. Those numbers are according to a new Alaska Mental Health Trust report completed by the McDowell Group.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Irish teens 'drinking alcohol out of oranges and hairbrushes'
A universal approach is needed to tackle underage drinking as Irish teens resort to sneaking alcohol into hairbrush handles and injecting it into oranges, TD Anne Rabbitte has said.
Medscape - Message About Alcohol Use and CV Risk Should Be 'More Nuanced' Than It Now Is
Moderate intake of alcoholic drinks is associated with a lower risk of only some cardiovascular diseases, not all, compared with either abstinence or heavy drinking, suggests research conducted in the UK.
CBS News (USA) - More older women are drinking hard
More older American women than ever are drinking — and drinking hard, a new study shows.
Harmful drinking is costing the North-east’s public services more than £250 million a year, the Evening Express can reveal today.
EurekAlert (Kenya) - Curbing alcohol to fight HIV could save money in Kenya
Public health research shows that alcohol may be a factor in more than 13 percent of deaths due to infectious diseases, including HIV. Drinking undermines the fight against the virus in two main ways, researchers have found: it makes transmission through risky sex more likely and undermines health by relaxing the rigor with which infected people take virus-suppressing medicine.
Greek Reporter (Greece) - Athens University: Study Shows Greeks Drink Less Alcohol in Excess Compared to EU Average
Athens University’s Mental Health Research Institute carried out a study in June 2015 which showed that two in 10 Greeks claim to have drank alcohol excessively in a one-year period.
Herald Sun (Australia) - New domestic violence laws may ban alcohol from victims homes
WOMEN would be able to ban alcohol from their homes and boozed-up thugs who repeatedly commit domestic violence barred from licensed venues, under a plan put to the State Government. (UK) - Twenty-four hour drinking has led to a surge in violent crime in city centres, police warn
Twenty-four hour drinking has led to a surge in violent crime in towns and cities, police have said as a new report branded measures to tackle the problem a failure.
eNCA (Malawi) - Malawi urged to ban cheap super-strong liquor destroying young lives
Four years ago, Malawian teenager Anthony had ambitions to become a doctor, but in his last year at school he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis after becoming hooked on cheap, strong liquor.
Public Health Journal - Alcohol and healthy ageing: a challenge for alcohol policy
These findings highlight processes that can result in changes in drinking habits and routines. Whilst these processes can be associated with a reduction or cessation of alcohol use as people age, they can also be associated with increased risk of harmful alcohol consumption.
Knowridge Science Report - How drinking alcohol can raise your cancer risk
Most people know that heavy alcohol drinking can cause health problems. But many people might not know that drinking alcohol can raise their cancer risk.
NorrioNews - Expert says tobacco, alcohol consumption could cause oral cancer
An Associate Professor of Community Dentistry at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr. Omolara Uti, on Wednesday said that tobacco use and consistent heavy consumption of alcohol could cause oral cancer.

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