Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Alcohol News - 10/2017

The Local (Switzerland) - Swiss survey: smoking and drugs aren’t ‘cool’ – but drinking still is
Young people in Switzerland are increasingly rejecting smoking and drugs, but still enjoy drinking alcohol, according to a new survey.
The Australian (Australia) - One in three juvenile offenders have foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The first Australian study of brain damage among juvenile offenders has uncovered the highest known rates of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in any child prison population worldwide.
The Local (Sweden) - Young Swedes swapping alcohol for social media and the gym: study
Young Swedes are becoming stricter in their attitudes towards alcohol, with social media use and a love of fitness contributing to a less permissive attitude – the opposite of their older compatriots.
The Guardian (UK) - Life-saving alcohol services face devastating cuts
When a man in his early 20s, who was an alcohol-dependent heroin user, turned up at hospital with a gastrointestinal bleed, Helene Leslie didn’t think he had long left to live.
CheatSheet - The Horrifying Things Drinking Too Much Alcohol Does to Your Body
Few drinks are more controversial than alcohol. While heavy drinking has been linked to health problems, some also point out potential benefits when consumed in moderation. Mayo Clinic says these pluses aren’t definite, but it’s possible moderate consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and ischemic stroke.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Adults exposed to alcohol before birth appear prone to health conditions: survey
Myles Himmelreich has struggled with significant joint pain since he was a teen, yet he didn't get a proper diagnosis of arthritis until he was in his mid-30s.
The Globe and Mail - I’d drink to just about anything
A high-functioning – or functional – alcoholic is someone who seems to be doing just fine as they abuse alcohol. Functional alcoholism can be hard to spot, and it tends to fester in corporate and start-up environments where bonds are formed and deals made over happy hour, boozy conferences and, in some cases, free beer from the work fridge.
IOL Business Report (South Africa) - 'Alcohol abuse demands radical approach' – Davies
South Africa requires a radical approach to regulate the country's liquor industry if it hopes to deal effectively with the negative socio-economic effects of alcohol abuse, Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies has said.
The Irish Times - A booze-free year: no colds, fewer rows and a quieter me
It was some time into the sixth week of Christmas festivities that I realised the drinking had to stop. From the mid-November parties to the New Year’s toasts, every day offered an excuse to load up on alcohol.
Derry Now (Northern Ireland) - Over 40% of respondents to Department of Justice survey concerned about drug and alcohol related issues in their area
The Department of Justice (DOJ) today published Research and Statistical Bulletin 8/2017 ‘Views on Alcohol and Drug Related Issues: Findings from the October 2016 Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey’.
The Better India (India) - Does an Alcohol Ban Work? A Cancer Specialist Talks About the Effect of Such Bans on Women
Dr. Vishal Rao, an oncologist and head and neck surgeon at the Bangalore-based HealthCare Global (HCG) Cancer Center, writes about the harmful effects of alcohol beyond personal health.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol Bill may return to Seanad before summer
A controversial alcohol Bill which will introduce minimum unit pricing and curtains over drinks displays in shops could return to the Seanad for debate before the end of the current Oireachtas term, a Government Minister has said.
Reliefweb (Thailand) - Suicide Attempts in Refugee Camp Linked to Drug and Alcohol Abuse
A growing number of suicide cases in a Burmese refugee camp in Mae La, Thailand has raised concerns with camp authorities.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - 'Unseen' calories in alcohol give drinkers food for thought
Drinkers can consume more calories in a night out than their entire daily allowance, an obesity expert has warned.
Face2Face Africa (Tanzania) - Tanzania Bans Sale of Alcohol Sachets
The Tanzanian government has banned the import, manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol in small plastic bags.
Grand Forks Herald - Fatal attraction: For women, the lure of alcohol is becoming more deadly
Heavy drinking has become a bigger, more socially accepted part of American women's lives. And health statistics show the results have been deadly. - Alcohol can cause hypoglycaemia: Nine signs YOU could have dangerous low blood sugar
DIABETES is most commonly thought of as a condition caused by high blood sugar levels. However, people with diabetes can be at risk of hypoglycaemia - also known as low blood sugar.
National Institutes of Health (USA) - Study finds effective interventions to prevent alcohol use among American Indian and rural youth
Community-based and individual-level prevention strategies are effective ways to reduce alcohol use among American Indian and other youth living in rural communities, according to a new study supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health.
ChronicleLive (UK) - Prime Minister accused of 'disappointing' response over tackling 'pocket money' alcohol
The Prime Minister has been accused of failing “to keep alcohol from being sold at pocket money prices” by a Tyneside MP.

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