Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alcohol News - 20/2016

MarketWatch - The world is drinking less alcohol — except Americans
People worldwide are drinking less alcohol — for the first time in 15 years. The U.S., however, was one notable exception.
CNBC (USA) - American kids see about 3 alcohol ads each day: Rand study
American kids as young as 11 are seeing a few ads for alcohol every day, concerning researchers who say advertising places young people at greater risk of using or abusing alcohol.
BBC News (India) - Why Tamil Nadu may soon ban alcohol
Tamil Nadu may soon become the latest Indian state to impose a complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol, writes the BBC's Geeta Pandey in Chennai.
Daily Mail (Australia) - Four in 10 admit to drinking so much they've vomited while one in five have got behind the wheel while drunk
A disturbing new report has shown that four in 10 Australians have drunk so much alcohol they've vomited while one in five admit to drink driving.
CBS News - Alcohol and high blood pressure may not mix
Even an ounce of alcohol a day might alter heart function if you have high blood pressure, researchers report.
The Korea Herald (South Korea) - Alcohol health warnings to be reinforced
The Health and Welfare Ministry said Thursday that it plans to change the health warnings on alcohol bottles for the first time in 21 years to raise awareness on the health risks of excessive drinking.
The Guardian (UK) - Experts call for warnings on all alcohol as men refuse to believe risks
Experts are calling for health warnings on all alcoholic drinks after data showed millions of middle-aged men drink above government guidelines and do not believe it does them any harm.
The Independent (UK) - Surge in girls' alcohol poisoning behind rise in teenage poisonings
Alcohol poisoning among girls is helping fuel a rise in poisonings suffered by teenagers, research suggests.
Medical Daily - Getting Married Lowers Your Risk Of Being An Alcoholic, But Only If You Find The Right Partner
Social issues play their role in every marriage, whether they be harmful or beneficial. Evidence has shown that people with a lower socioeconomic status are more likely to face troubles such as financial problems, drug abuse, and alcoholism that could impact their marriages, but what subsequent effect can marriage have on these issues?
Medical Daily - Heavy Alcohol Consumption Inhibits The Pancreas From Absorbing Vitamin C, Causing Long-Term Digestive Issues
It’s not news that alcohol is terrible for our bodies. Scientists and avid drinkers have long known the serious consequences alcohol can have on the liver, ranging from fatty liver disease to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis — but that’s not all.
Science World Report - Paternal Alcohol Use, Lifestyle Cause Birth Defects
Birth defects were found to have a direct link to a father's age, environmental factors and alcohol use. According to researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center, the defects were caused by the epigenetic changes that can likely affect later generations.
Cancer Therapy Advisor - Awareness of Link Between Alcohol Consumption, Cancer Risk Low in United Kingdom, Study Finds
Public understanding of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer in the United Kingdom is low, according to a report by the University of Sheffield and Cancer Research UK.
Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission handed over 60,000 signatures supporting restrictions on alcohol sales
A group of activists on Monday handed more than 61,000 signatures in support of a legislative initiative aimed at cutting alcohol consumption in Lithuania over to the Central Electoral Commission.
Medical Daily - Affordable Alcohol And Access To Bars Mean An Eight-Fold Increase In Traumatic Injuries In Some Areas
For years, the War on Drugs has taught Americans to believe that illicit drugs are dangerous and legal drugs are safe. But this dynamic is not that simple. While recreational drug use may certainly lead to devastating health consequences, research has shown that psychedelic drug use can actually decrease the rates of domestic violence. Meanwhile, alcohol, a legal substance, drives up rates of domestic violence.
Interfax (Ukraine) - Rada fails to criminalize alcohol and tobacco smuggling
The Verkhovna Rada has failed at first reading to adopt a bill providing criminal responsibility for tobacco and alcohol smuggling.
ABC Online (Australia) - Victoria to force all drink drivers to use alcohol interlocks
Victoria was the first jurisdiction in the world to make seatbelts compulsory nearly 50 years ago. Today the state has begun another push to lead the way in road safety.

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