Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alcohol News - 41/2015

Medical News Today - Concussion in young women may lead to alcohol abuse
Alcohol is already linked to traumatic brain injuries, since an estimated 33-50% of concussion patients are intoxicated at the time of the injury. The most common cause of nonmilitary brain injuries is a car accident.
Iceland Monitor (Iceland) - All alcohol stores may close due to possible strike
If the Union of Public Servants goes on strike on Thursday, this will mean that the state alcohol shops, Vínbúðin ÁTVR will close Thursday October 15th, Friday October 16th, Monday October 19th and Tuesday October 20th. - Alcohol consumption does not seem to protect against stroke
Light-to-moderate drinking in midlife does not protect against stroke, and even moderate doses of alcohol could increase the risk of haemorrhagic stroke, according to a recently published, large self-report study with over 20 years of follow-up.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Young offenders must be screened for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders before sentencing
Australia’s prison population is growing at unprecedented rates. In some states Indigenous prisoners far outnumber their non-Indigenous counterparts.
The Courier (UK) - Rise in hospital admissions for alcohol-related psychoses
Alcohol-related psychoses have almost overtaken liver disease as the most common cause of chronic hospital admissions, official figures show.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Social Democrats party proposes junk food levy, alcohol tax
The Social Democrats have proposed a junk food levy and increased alcohol excise, excluding wine, in the party’s pre-budget submission to bring in € 225 million.
The Independent (UK) - Britain tops list of heaviest alcohol drinkers in new survey
6,500 people across the UK, Germany, Australia, America and China were interviewed by Maxus, a media agency for the drinks industry, who found that Britons had the most liberal attitude to alcohol.
Science 2.0 - Smoking And Heavy Alcohol Use Are Associated With Epigenetic Signs Of Aging
Cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol use cause epigenetic changes to DNA that reflect accelerated biological aging in distinct, measurable ways, according to research presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore.
Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that the Scottish Government is committed to minimum alcohol pricing, as new research suggests the industry is targeting Scotland’s most deprived areas.
EurekAlert - Lifestyle factors driving more bowel cancer deaths in European men, trends study shows
A new study into rates of bowel (colorectal) cancer in Europe reveals a significant reduction in deaths from the disease in women, but more deaths in men. (New Zealand) - NZ joins the global conversation on alcohol-related harm
It’s estimated between 600 and 800 people in New Zealand die each year from alcohol-related causes. A 2009 Berl study, applying a methodology endorsed by the World Health Organisation, estimated harmful alcohol use cost New Zealand $4.9 billion in 2005/06.
ABC Online (Australia) - Australia's binge drinking culture puts mental health at risk, experts warn
Australians are going to have to wish for more than 'good health' before a bout of binge-drinking to avoid sobering consequences to their mental health.

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