Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alcohol News - 4/2015 (USA) - Colorado lawmakers consider banning powdered alcohol
Colorado lawmakers will consider whether to ban powdered alcohol before the product arrives in stores. – Alcohol drinking pattern influences risk of cirrhosis
Approximately 170,000 people die from alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver in Europe every year. Although alcohol is the most important risk factor, less is known about the significance of different patterns of drinking. (Ireland) - Ban on below-cost alcohol due this week
The Government is expected to formally sign off on legislation banning the below cost selling of alcohol this week. (Australia) - Educationist calls for alcohol ban at sporting events
One of Australia’s prominent educationists has suggested a total ban on alcohol at sporting events in order to minimise the negative effects on sports.
Medical Daily - Underage Drinking May Stem From Alcohol Ads, Despite Older Intended Audience
Blaming youth misbehavior on TV and movies is an old and generally worn-out tactic, but new research seems to say it still holds water. A study from Dartmouth College has found binge drinking rates among adolescents rise consistently with the number of alcohol advertisements they are exposed to and how strongly they remember them.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol sponsorship Bill dropped
Plans to allow a legislative clause which would eventually allow for the banning of alcohol sponsorship of sports have been dropped.
Science 2.0 (Australia) - Aboriginal Women And High Rates Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of a group of preventable, lifelong conditions (the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) that may result from high alcohol use in pregnancy.
3AW (Australia) - Dr Julie Green says there is 'no safe level' of alcohol for teenagers
Most Australians will probably have an alcoholic drink, or two, to help celebrate Australia Day. And there's a very good chance that some will have one or two too many.
NDTV - How Alcohol Affects a Good Night's Sleep
If you're stressed from a long, exhausting day at work then a stiff drink or two before you hit the sack helps you unwind - This type of behavior seems harmless, almost relaxing right? (USA) - DHS reporting 375 newborns tested positive for drugs or alcohol last year; up from 322 year before
The Oklahoma Department of Human Services says hospitals in the state are reporting an increasing number of newborns who tested positive for drugs or alcohol at birth.
ChronicleLive (UK) - Liver expert tells Durham forum alcohol industry is putting profit before health
Speaking at a high profile UK-wide conference hosted by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, Professor Nick Sheron accused the alcohol industry of being driven by shareholder value instead of public health.
Chiang Mai CityNews (Thailand) - Thailand's New Alcohol Sales Restrictions Now in Effect
Alcoholic beverages can now be sold only between 11am – 2pm and 5pm – midnight every day, according to an announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office on the 2015 law regulating alcohol sales, which officially took effect on January 23.
Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland) - Alcohol effects costing city £86m
THE Capital is suffering an £86 million hangover, according to a new report into the real cost of alcohol to the city.

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