Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alcohol News - 1/2015

New York Times (USA) - Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 Americans a Day, a Federal Report Finds
Six Americans die from alcohol poisoning daily on average, and mortality rates are highest among middle-aged men, federal health authorities reported on Tuesday.
Daily Mail (UK) - Alcohol hotspots of Great Britain revealed
With soaring rates of hospital admissions - and alcohol-related liver disease - a new study has mapped how much Britons in each region are drinking – and how many are dying as a result.
Daily Mail - Pregnant women should not drink AT ALL because 'no amount of alcohol is safe'
Women should not drink any alcohol while they are pregnant because of the risks to their unborn child, an MP said today. Bill Esterson wants it to be made compulsory for all alcoholic beverages to carry compulsory warning labels directed at expectant mothers.
The New Republic - How to Curb Binge Drinking: Raise Taxes on Booze
As the government learned during Prohibition, an outright ban on alcohol isn't an effective way to stop Americans from boozing. But a new study suggests that more subtle changes to the law could help curb binge drinking.
Medical Xpress - Wealthy, male, educated, singletons risk highest alcohol consumption in later life
A decade long research project into the drinking habits of over 45s has found that rich, educated, single males are at greatest risk of failing to cut their drinking habits in later life.
Daily Mail - Binge drinking significantly disrupts immune system, study finds
New Year’s Eve may seem like a distant memory, but if you’re still feeling under the weather, the festivities could be to blame. That’s because a single episode of binge drinking significantly weakens the body’s immune system, according to research.
World Health Organization - Lifetime-risk of alcohol-attributable mortality report
Lifetime Risk of Alcohol-Attributable Mortality is a report on mortality risk based on alcohol consumption levels in seven European countries, and on implications for low-risk drinking guidelines.
Deutsche Welle (Tanzania) - Tanzania mulls action on alcohol misuse
Young, jobless Tanzanians are increasingly drowning their frustrations in cheap fake liquor. With alcohol abuse a growing public health issue, the government has promised tighter regulation. It has yet to materialize.
Deutsche Welle - Happy New Year: Alcohol is a neurotoxin
We usually toast the New Year with sparkling wine or champagne - which even in small quantities has an impact on our health and brains. But what exactly happens in our body after we've enjoyed a drink?
New rules determining the amount of an excise tax bank guarantee paid by alcohol wholesalers should be introduced from 1st of March this year instead of the original deadline of January 1, 2016, a government official said. Gergely Guly├ís, the (FIDESZ) head of parliament’s legislative committee, noted that the excise tax bank guarantee paid by wholesalers on beer, wine, sparkling wine and intermediate alcoholic beverages would rise from 22 million forints (EUR 69,000) to 150 million (EUR 470,000) following passage of the tax law approved last November.

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