Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Alcohol News - 34/2014

Wall Street Journal - Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?
It has been established that the most expensive beer in the world is sold in Norway, while the cheapest can be chugged in Poland. But in which country is the most alcohol drunk?
WBAL Radio (USA) - Why Alcohol Is Still The Deadliest Drug In The U.S.
When we talk about the reasons for violent crime, we usually talk about the proliferation of guns, the lack of jobs, or not enough safe places for teens to go and be productive, but we rarely look at the problems associated with alcohol.
The Advertiser (Australia) - Alcohol-fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour ‘crisis’ prompts 24/7 police patrol parklands call
AN around-the-clock police presence is needed to combat growing safety fears in Adelaide’s southern parklands, city leaders have warned. - ALCOHOL ADVERTISING BANS SWEEP SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA
The ban on alcohol advertising is picking up steam as Kenya, Botswana and South Africa gear up to impose the new regulations in the sector.
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica) - Consultation before proposed alcohol policy, says Health Minister
The proposed alcohol policy will not be enacted without consultation with industry players, according to Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson.
BBC News (India) - India's Kerala state plans to ban alcohol sales
Authorities in the southern Indian state of Kerala have outlined plans to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol to tackle the state's drink problem.
Lifehacker Australia - Warning: Alcohol Can Increase Your Risk Of Cancer
Australians have become accustomed to labels on cigarettes warning about the risk of smoking causing cancer and other diseases. And our research, published in the latest edition of BMC Public Health, shows similar labels could help consumers better understand the harms of drinking alcohol.
ABC Online (Australia) - New strategy to tackle alcohol 'pre-loading'
Queensland police are rolling out a new strategy in a bid to prevent so-called alcohol pre-loading by young people who are planning a big night out.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Over half of people in Northern Ireland 'in favour of minimum alcohol pricing': Latest study into drinking habits
Over half of people in Northern Ireland are in favour of a minimum price for alcohol, a study has revealed. Some three-fifths of those quizzed said they agreed with the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - 70% of those on probation battling drugs or alcohol
More than 3,500 offenders being supervised by probation services in Northern Ireland have problems with drug and alcohol misuse.
Manchester Evening News (UK) - Our £1.2bn a year bill to tackle alcohol abuse
A new joint crackdown aims to curb the toll of alcohol abuse on hospitals, policing and social care - and comes with a warning that sky-high mortality rates and hospital admissions must be brought down.
Health Behavior News Service - Counseling Has Limited Benefit on Young People Drinking Alcohol
Counseling techniques used to help young people with drinking problems may be of limited benefit, a new study suggests. In a systematic review published in The Cochrane Library, researchers found that an approach known as motivational interviewing did not substantially reduce drinking or alter alcohol-related behaviour. - Half-glass rule can limit alcohol consumption
Sticking to a general rule of pouring just a half glass of wine limits the likelihood of overconsumption, even for men with a higher body mass index. That's the finding of a new Iowa State and Cornell University study to be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Drug Policy.
Baltic Times (Estonia) - Tallinn to prohibit consumption of alcohol in public places
New plans could be put in place in Tallinn prohibiting drinking alcohol in public spaces, Postimees Online reports.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - 1,000 under-age drinkers a year taken to hospital
Figures reveal 2,921 under 18s have been subject to emergency call-outs in the last three years. Paramedics have also witnessed 877 cases in the same period where youngsters under the influence of drugs have been taken to hospital.

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