Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alcohol News - 32/2014

The Guardian (UK) - Health warnings on alcohol bottles should be compulsory – MPs
Health warnings should be compulsory on bottles of wine, beer and spirits to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking and the growing problem of liver disease, a group of MPs has said. (UK) - Nearly 4,000 children hospitalised with alcohol poisoning last year - including 52 aged under 11
Hundreds of children are being rushed to hospital every month with alcohol poisoning, shock new figures show.
The Economist (China) - The Chinese are drinking more
LI JUN, a construction worker from Shandong, sips a large bottle of Yanjing beer as he squats on the pavement and shares a lunchtime bag of noodles with a colleague. On such a hot day the beer quenches his thirst, he says; the alcohol will not affect his work because he is resting while he drinks. Many of his fellow workers are also enjoying a bottle.
The Independent - The science of alcohol: How does it affect your liver and heart?
Alcohol, the presumed panacea of low confidence, bad days in the office, and social cohesion, has built-up quite the reputation. The social drinkers, binge drinkers, occasional drinkers, and abstainers, after-all, all share an opinion on this 21 Century drug. (Canada) - 1 in 6 soldiers affected by alcohol-related or mental health issues
Nearly one in six full-time members of the Canadian Forces experienced symptoms of mental health or alcohol-related disorders over several months last year, a Statistics Canada survey suggests. (UK) - 'Don't drink alcohol two days in a row' Government health quango warns
In proposed new guidance Public Health England [PHE] will advise the public to avoid boozing two days in a row in order to help remain within official healthy guidelines.
Belfast Telegraph (UK) - Earnest debate on alcohol abuse is needed
Health Minister Edwin Poots' comment that he sees some merit in the proposal to charge patients who end up in hospital A&E departments as a result of drinking or taking drugs has some merit of its own.
Fox News (USA) - Country music’s drinking problem: Alcohol-related incidents at concerts getting out of hand?
Drinking songs have long been a staple of country music. But some are wondering if today’s chart-topping bro country tunes about shooting shots of tequila and getting drunk on planes are contributing to an increase in drunken incidents at country music concerts.
ABC Online (Australia) - More Tasmanians seek help for alcohol than other drugs, report shows
The drug Tasmanians mostly seek help for is alcohol, a new report on drug treatment in Australia shows.
BBC News (UK) - MPs call alcohol misuse a 'pandemic', says lobby group
Health warnings on alcoholic drinks should be introduced and the drink-drive limit cut, the All Parliamentary Party Group on Alcohol Misuse says.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Russia's Presidential Staff Buys a Million Bottles of European Wine
While Russia was publicly wading into a war of words and sanctions with the West this year, the presidential administration bought more than a million bottles of wine from Europe — stocking up on more than its staff can possibly drink or serve out at receptions, a news report said.

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