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Alcohol News - 10/2014

 The Independent - Drinking alcohol early in pregnancy, even in small amounts, increases chances of harming your baby, study finds
Women who drink less than the officially recommended intake of alcohol during the first weeks of pregnancy may still be at higher risk of having smaller babies or of giving birth prematurely compared to women who do not drink alcohol at all, a study has found. - Liquor labels found to understate alcohol content
Nearly 30 percent of alcoholic beverages were found to have inaccurate labels, putting consumers at risk, according to a March 10 survey compiled by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), a division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. While most beverage alcohol containers complied with U.S. label regulations, on many the booze contained more alcohol than stated and above regulatory tolerances.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - New study reveals alcohol, not drugs, major factor in one-punch assaults
Research suggesting the majority of fatal one-punch assaults are linked with alcohol and not illicit drugs will be presented at a forensic science seminar in Canberra on Tuesday.
BBC News (Turkey) - Turkey: 'Anti-alcohol' web clampdown mulled
Turkish authorities are mulling heavy fines for people who promote alcohol and drinking on social media, it's reported. (EU) - EU level action on alcohol 'vital' for reducing harm
The European commission must renew its alcohol strategy if it is to tackle the huge health and societal impacts associated with drinking, argues Glenis Willmott. (EU) - EU must play 'support role' for national alcohol strategies
The EU must 'support' member states in tailoring individual approaches to tackle alcohol consumption and related harm, writes Marina Yannakoudakis.
YLE News (Finland) - Study: More people buying alcohol, natural products and medicine online
Finns bought a total of 10.5 billion euros worth of services, goods and electronic content last year, although the number also includes value added tax and shipping costs. Online consumption has grown by a fifth in three years.
WalesOnline (Wales) - Jagerbomb fears as expert warns energy drinks and strong alcohol could be a deadly cocktail
Campaigners are warning of the potentially deadly dangers of downing strong alcohol mixed with high-energy drinks.
Eleven Myanmar (Myanmar) - Parliament rejects 200% tax increase on tobacco and alcohol
The Union Parliament on Monday (March 10) rejected a private member’s bill that proposed a 200 percent tax increase on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. (Armenia) - Time restriction to put on advertisement of alcohol beverages by electronic media
The program proposes to ban advertisement of cigarette, as well as strong alcohol beverages from 06:00 to 22:00 (alcohol content 20 and more volume unit) by electronic means of mass communication.
NL Times (Netherlands) – Alcohol Poisoning up 350% in NL
5300 people ended up in the emergency room last year, with alcohol poisoning. In 2012, the number of drinkers who got alcohol poisoning, or ‘coma-drinkers’ stayed the same, it seems from figures out of consumer organization VeiligheidNL (SafetyNL). In that year, around 5300 people were in hospital for alcohol poisoning-related reasons. This is three times as many compared to 2003, when the numbers were around 1500.
Jakarta Post (India) - Surabaya nears strong alcohol ban on minimart shelves
In a bid to increase restrictions on the distribution of alcoholic beverages, the Surabaya municipal administration is set to impose a ban that will prohibit the sale of beverages containing over 0.5 percent alcohol at supermarkets and minimarts.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Teachers deal with students' drug and alcohol abuse, report says
The binge drinking and drug taking culture among high school students is having a detrimental impact on schools, a survey of principals found, with teachers spending significant amounts of classroom time dealing with the fallout of weekend parties.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Alcohol consumption declines amid economic uncertainty
Alcohol consumption in Finland has declined hand-in-hand with the erosion of the purchasing power of Finns. On Wednesday, the Finnish Hospitality Association (MaRa) revealed that revenue from the alcohol tax in 2013 was 93 million euros lower than anticipated by the Government in its budget draft.
Wall Street Journal (Czech Republic) - Booze Outlawed for Czech Legislators While Session in Progress
The speaker of the lower house of Czech parliament banned the sale of alcohol at restaurants and cafes on the premises of the country’s legislature during plenary meetings, ending a long tradition of allowing politicians to enjoy cheap beer, wine or liquor during working hours.
InSerbia News (Serbia) - Serbian Teenagers Drink More Than Teenagers In Europe
Young in Serbia experience first drunkenness when they are 15, while 40% got intoxicated once or more until they were 16 years old. About 90% tried alcohol before turning 18.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Coroner lashes out at NZ's dangerous drinking culture
A man who died after drinking up to 20 shots of spirits, 10 bourbon and cokes and a couple of beers in one evening, has prompted a coroner to lash out at the country's dangerous drinking culture.

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