Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alcohol News - 20/2012 (Finland) - Survey: Community pressure may increase students' alcohol usage
A portion of university students feel they drink more alcohol than they would like to due to social pressure, indicates a survey by Nyyti, an organisation promoting the well-being of students.
Read more (Finland) - Serving alcohol in pop-up restaurants illegal
Selling and serving alcohol without a license is not allowed in even in the temporary pop-up restaurants, stress Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, and the Police.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Scottish government seeks minimum alcohol price of 50p per unit
The Scottish government has confirmed that it wants to set a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit.
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Reuters (USA) - Minors have an easy time buying alcohol online
Nearly half of all attempts by underage buyers to purchase alcohol online were successful in a new study, exposing weaknesses in both delivery companies' and online vendors' systems for verifying customer ages.
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Fox News (UK) - London fights binge drinking epidemic
The girls slumped in wheelchairs look barely conscious, their blond heads lolling above the plastic vomit bags tied like bibs around their necks.
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Casey Weekly Berwick (Australia) - Alcohol a big factor in child harm, says study
CHILDREN are the victims of alcohol-related harm in more than a fifth of Australian households, a study has found, adding weight to calls for the price of alcohol sold in bottle shops to be increased to discourage high quantities being consumed in homes.
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The Atlantic - Scientists Find Yet Another Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer
Alcohol use and abuse is common among teenage girls. This has short- and long-term health effects as well as numerous consequences of alcohol-enhanced risk taking behavior.
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RedOrbit - Report Details Drug And Alcohol Use By Pregnant Women
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently released a report with interesting statistics regarding pregnant women, including the use of cigarettes and other drugs.
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Los Angeles Daily News (USA) - L.A. considers ban on alcohol ads on city property
In a challenge to some of the city's most powerful business interests, City Councilman Richard Alarcon is seeking to ban alcohol companies from advertising on city-owned and city-controlled properties.
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Al-Arabiya (Iran) - Alcohol consumption in Tehran is “worrying”, official
Alcohol consumption in Tehran, banned since the Islamic revolution, has become “alarming”, according to deputy health minister, Bagher Larijani, quoted Tuesday by the Iranian media.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Coalition still running shy of tackling alcohol abuse
SINCE THE early noughties, successive Irish governments have made noises in relation to tackling our ongoing and dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. And each occasion government has bottled it at the behest of the drinks industry, vintners or related lobby groups.
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BBC News (Brazil) - Brazil Senate approves controversial World Cup law
The Brazilian Senate has passed a controversial and much-delayed bill paving the way for alcohol to be sold in stadiums at the 2014 World Cup.
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The Malta Independent (EU) - Alcohol consumption among young people: Research finds that only real solution is total ban on advertising
New research carried out as part of the Ammie (Alcohol Monitoring Marketing in Europe) project concludes that a total alcohol marketing ban is the only safe way to protect young people against the harmful effects of televised alcohol marketing.
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New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - New MPs dilute alcohol bill backing
A proposal to lift the purchase age for alcohol in supermarkets and liquor stores has fallen out of favour due to the new makeup of Parliament, a poll of politicians suggests.
Read more (EU) - Addiction on the rise in Europe
Addiction is on the rise in Europe. An increasing number of young people are unable to control their use of drugs, alcohol, sex, computer games, technology, shopping, dieting or exercise.
Read more (New Zealand) - Make binge-drinking uncool, pleads doctor
Binge drinking could follow smoking in losing its fashionable status, says a Wellington emergency department consultant hoping a sobriety campaign will help reduce alcohol-related harm.
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BBC News (UK) - Young women facing 'serious harm' to liver from alcohol
More women in their 20s are suffering from severe liver damage as the result of excessive alcohol consumption, a senior doctor in Norfolk has warned.
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Varsity - Booze and other drugs
It turns out that the advertising of tobacco has been banned in South Africa, as well as other countries such as Pakistan and Italy. Many people, including myself, applaud this action. The idea seems to be that if you cut down on advertising, people aren't going to pay as much attention to the products and the number of smokers would decrease as a result.
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