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Alcohol News - 18/2012

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Working group calls for restrictions on alcohol advertising
A new political dispute is brewing over proposed new restrictions on the advertising of mild alcoholic beverages. Advertising of strong spirits is already banned in Finland.
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YLE News (Finland) - Finns drinking less spirits
Wines are gaining ground as the drink of choice in Finland. The market for spirits continues to be dominated by domestic brands of vodka.
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The (Sweden) - Swedish alcohol intake hikes after EU entry
Contemporary Swedes drink significantly more alcohol and eat more meat since the country joined the European Union in 1995, according to a new report by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket).
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Fox News (USA) - New Secret Service rules on alcohol, unsavory bars
Seeking to shake the disgrace of a prostitution scandal, the Secret Service late Friday tightened conduct rules for its agents to prohibit them from drinking excessively, visiting disreputable establishments while traveling or bringing foreigners to their hotel rooms.
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EurekAlert - TV alcohol advertising may play role in underage drinking
Minors who were familiar with television alcohol advertisements were more likely to have tried alcoholic beverages and binge drink than those who could not recall seeing such ads, according to a study to be presented Sunday, April 29, at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Boston.
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Washington Post - Study finds value in counseling problem drinkers during emergency-room visits
Up to half of the people treated at hospital emergency departments and trauma centers are under the influence of alcohol, experts say. That might be a sobering statistic, but a recent study found that emergency departments can help capitalize on this “teachable moment” to discourage problem drinking.
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Bloomberg (Turkey) - Turkish Province Bans Alcohol in Public Places, Hurriyet Says
The Turkish province of Afyon has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places, Hurriyet reported, citing a directive from Governor Irfan Balkanlioglu.
Read more (Scotland) - Alcohol licences rejected after warning from NHS over health concerns
A supermarket and two independent retailers have had their alcohol licence application rejected after objections from the local health board.
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7thSpace Interactive - Risk of future trauma based on alcohol screening scores: A two-year prospective cohort study among US veterans
Severe alcohol misuse as measured by the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption (AUDIT-C) is associated with increased risk of future fractures and trauma-related hospitalizations. This study examined the association between AUDIT-C scores and two-year risk of any type of trauma among US Veterans Health Administration (VHA) patients and assessed whether risk varied by age or gender.
Read more (USA) - U.S. teens lead western world in alcohol, drug abuse, study finds
A study of adolescents around the world found American teens had some of the riskiest health behaviors. The study published in the British medical journal Lancet found U.S teens:
• Have the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the developed world.
• Are far more likely to be killed by violence than teens in Europe.
• Lead the western world in percentage of teens 13 to 15 who are overweight.
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Medical Xpress (Australia) - TV ads entice kids to drink alcohol: study
Efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm in Australia are being frustrated by high levels of alcohol advertising on television, particularly at times when children are likely to be watching, according to new research led by The University of Western Australia.
Read more (UK) - London Met 'alcohol ban': Muslim students accuse vice chancellor of stoking Islamophobia
The Daily Telegraph draws our attention to an open letter to London Metropolitan University's vice chancellor Prof Malcolm Gillies from the university's Islamic and Shia Muslim societies in response to press reports that Gillies in considering a ban on alcohol on some parts of the campus.
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Wall Street Journal (Russia) - Russia Looks to Raise 'Sin' Taxes
Russia's finance ministry wants to boost taxes on alcohol and tobacco in a bid to shore up the budget amid a wave of spending promised by Vladimir Putin during his election campaign.
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HGV (Ireland) - ETSC urges for zero tolerance on alcohol
“Drink driving unfortunately remains one of the three main killers on our roads. We must all take action to reduce this unacceptable behaviour which claims so many lives every year,” said Antonio Avenoso, European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) executive Director said this week at event dedicated to tackling drink driving.
Read more (New Zealand) - Liquor strategy labelled 'toothless'
A South Taranaki councillor has scorned a liquor strategy that she says does nothing to reduce liquor abuse in the district. Councillor Te Aroha Hohaia told yesterday's STDC committee meeting the proposed strategy – advocating formalised relationships between agencies which regulate liquor in South Taranaki – was " kind of a toothless document".
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Voxy (New Zealand) - Students support raising purchase age for alcohol
Medical Students for Global Awareness (MSGA) has come out in support of National MP Tim Macindoe's Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) to raise the purchase age for alcohol to 20 for both off and onsite licensed premises. The SOP, to be presented to parliament before the third and final reading of the Alcohol Reform Bill in the next couple of months, aims to redress one of the key recommendations that has been omitted from the proposed Bill.
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ABC News (Germany) - Public Transit Pub: Will Alcohol Bans Stop Party Trains?
Public transport in Berlin and other German cities is often the site of spontaneous parties on the weekend, but not all passengers want to share the ride with beer-swilling drunks. Now, many cities want to impose alcohol bans on mass transit -- but their efforts are being blocked by Deutsche Bahn and other providers who don't want to bear the costs.
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Expatica Netherlands (Netherlands) - More Dutch kids binge drinking
The number of young binge drinkers increased again last year, according to figures released by the observation centre of the Netherlands Paediatric Association.
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