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Alcohol News - 44/2011

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Consumption and private imports of alcohol continue to fall
In the early part of 2011 the Finns bought less alcohol than in the same period a year before. The same applied to drinks purchased from abroad: a clearly smaller amount of alcoholic beverages were brought in as souvenirs from overseas than a year earlier.
CBS (USA) - Amy Winehouse death puts alcohol poisoning in spotlight
"Death by misadventure." That was an English coroner's curiously quaint way of saying Amy Winehouse drank herself to death. The troubled singer was found with empty vodka bottles in her room and more than five times the legal limit for drinking in England, coroner Suzanne Grennaway said on Wednesday.
BBC News (UK) - Children claim alcohol intake of 28 units a week
A small number of children as young as 12 claimed they drank the equivalent of 19 glasses of wine a week when questioned for a health survey.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol warnings 'still being ignored', minister says
Many people still do not accept the harm that alcohol can do to their bodies, despite government warnings, the public health minister has said.
eGov monitor (Scotland) - Nicola Sturgeon Welcomes Rising Support For Minimum Pricing For Alcohol
A leading Canadian academic and major player in the alcohol industry have added their names to the growing list of supporters backing the Scottish Government's bid to introduce a minimum price for alcohol.
Newswise - Moderate Alcohol Consumption is Associated with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
Just one drink per day for women—two for men—could lead to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and subsequently cause gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea, according to the results of a new study unveiled today at the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) 76th Annual Scientific meeting in Washington, DC.
The Republic - Medical: Alcohol's impact affected by genes, studies show
And there's plenty of evidence that light to moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits for many people but carries grave risks for others. The trick lies in figuring out just who falls in which pathway.
News Tonight - Limit Alcohol Intake To Avoid Lung Cancer, Says Study
Lung cancer is a deadly form of cancer that can be considered as a leading cause of deaths across the globe. The disease is already known to have a close association with poor lifestyle and habits such as tobacco consumption.
New Vision (Uganda) - Excessive Alcohol consumption: A key driver of chronic poverty
Excessive Alcohol Consumption is a key ‘driver and maintainer’ of chronic poverty in Uganda. Discussions on excessive alcohol consumption in the country have for long been in the back –seat of what is considered as ‘personal choices’ making alcohol a new frontier for chronic poverty in Uganda.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Alcohol and drugs lead to one in seven house fires
ALCOHOL and drug misuse were linked to at least one in seven house fires in Scotland last year, according to a new Scottish Government report. (USA) - Medicare to cover screening for alcohol misuse
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced two new national coverage determinations that cover screenings for alcohol misuse and depression for Medicare beneficiaries.
PR Newswire (USA) - Calif. Study Shows 24/7 Alcohol Bracelets Curb Future DUIs
A newly released study of DUI offender data in Riverside County shows that Hard Core Drunk Drivers (HCDDs) who were monitored with 24/7 alcohol bracelets saw a re-arrest rate of nearly one-half the state average for repeat DUI offenders.
Irish Times (Ireland) - New drink-driving limits come into effect at midnight
LOWER DRINK-driving limits come into effect from midnight, reducing the maximum blood-alcohol level to 20mg per 100ml of blood in some cases.
Medical News Today - Fearing Stigmatizing The Patient - Doctors Will Cite Alcohol As Cause Of Death, But Not Smoking
Not wanting to stigmatize the deceased, UK doctors are not in general citing smoking as a cause of death on death certificates, although they will cite alcohol in cases where alcohol is a clear cause.
OHS Canada (Canada) - Random drug and alcohol testing approved
Public transit workers in Toronto will soon be subject to random drug and alcohol testing as the city's transit service was given the go-ahead to begin testing employees in safety-sensitive positions.
Daily Mail - All-day drinking brings 670,000 surge in 'sickies'... and women are FIVE times more likely to bunk off work
Around 670,000 working days a year are being lost because of the relaxation of the drinking laws, researchers claim.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Govt to look into booze ads ban
The Health Department has agreed to look into an alternative solution to the proposed ban on alcohol advertising during a meeting held on Friday with health Department officials and outdoor media company Kena Media.
Namibia Economist (Namibia) - Alcohol misuse a “graving” concern
While alcohol is often said to provide employment and income for the people who sell it, it has the opposite effect in the household of many patrons. It is for this reason that the availability of alcohol should be decreased or at the extreme totally eradicated in the country.
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News Wales (Wales) - 494 alcohol deaths in Wales and 152 from drugs
There were 494 alcohol related deaths in Wales in 2010 and 152 drug misuse related deaths. From 2006 to 2010, admissions for mental and behavioural disorders due to opioids have increased overall by 53.2 per cent (44.4 per cent in males and 68.1 per cent in females).
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Bromsgrove Advertiser (UK) - New county campaign to tackle sexual and drink related violence
A NEW campaign that aims to tackle sexual and drink related violence during the festive season has been launched in Worcestershire.
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Hong Kong Standard (Hong Kong) - No limits set in battle of the booze
An action plan launched to reduce dangers related to alcohol abuse has no drinking guidelines. The World Health Organization has identified the use of alcohol as the third leading risk factor when it comes to noncommunicable diseases, which cause about 2.5 million deaths worldwide every year.
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South China Morning Post (China) - Call for crackdown on teenage alcohol abuse
The government is being urged to take a tougher stance on a growing youth drinking problem by reinstating a wine duty or imposing age restrictions.
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Medscape - Liver Cancer is 'Largely Amenable to Primary Prevention'
"Hepatocellular carcinoma, one of the most lethal human cancers, is largely amenable to primary prevention with existing knowledge and technology," according to American researchers. They report a study showing strong links between liver cancer and the modifiable risk factors of smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, and obesity, and between liver cancer and chronic infection with hepatitis B and C.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland/France) - There is a strong case for taxing fizzy drinks, perhaps on the French model
While it is difficult for a dentist to disagree with the central thrust of your editorial (“Time to take more of the fizz out of the family diet”, The Herald, October 25), it missed the key issue as did the article (“Fizzy drinks are linked to increased teen violence”, October 25) and indeed the original study which led to it.
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Austrian Independent (Austria) - Beer to become more costly
Beer drinkers may have to brace for price hikes. Officials at Austria’s leading breweries admitted considering price increases in the foreseeable future after Germany’s biggest producer of the beverage decided to jack up its prices.
Read more (Italy) - Report: Youth drinking a problem in Italy
Italians are generally drinking less although consumption is up among the country's young people, a report by an Italian think-tank says.
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