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Alcohol News - 29/2011

The (Sweden) - 'Allow Systembolaget home delivery: politician
Sweden's state-run alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget should be authorised to expand their current e-commerce, to include a home delivery service, suggests MP Carl B Hamilton of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet), in an opinion piece published in newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
Alcohol and Alcoholism (EU) - Heavy Episodic Drinking in Europe: A Cross Section Study in Primary Care in Six European Countries
Consecutive attenders aged 18–75 were recruited from the UK, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Portugal and followed up after 6 months. Data were collected on alcohol use using the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification test (at recruitment and 6 months) and risk factors for heavy episodic alcohol use at recruitment.
BBC News (Ecuador) - Ecuador bans alcohol after 21 die from bootleg liquor
Ecuador has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol for three days after 21 people died as a result of drinking adulterated liquor. - Stress Influences Response to Alcohol
The relationship between stress and alcohol is complex and a subject of detailed investigation. For example, acute stress is thought to lead to alcohol consumption, yet the ways that acute stress can increase drinking are unclear. - Study: Drinking Alcohol May Cause Stress
Many people will have a drink of alcohol to help relax and unwind. A recent study showed that instead of making one relax, alcohol may add tension and stress.
The Guardian (France) - Lyon aims to reduce Le Binge Drinking
The French call it le binge drinking and consider it one of the more obnoxious imports from across the Channel.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Alcopop tax hits home but more measures needed to stop alcohol abuse
THE controversial alcopops tax has worked to curb young people's drinking but sweeping changes are needed to our haphazard alcohol tax regime to tackle widespread abuse, a new report says.
Times of India - Wine ups risk of breast cancer death
Experts have earlier warned that alcohol consumption increases the risk of contracting breast cancer. Now for the first time, a new study has shown that it also raises the risk of a woman dying from it once she has. - Binge drinking affects female teens negatively
Heavy alcohol use has been linked with diminishing mental processes among both adults and adolescents, particularly in tasks of spatial working memory (SWM).
South Wales - Charity warns alcohol luring teenagers to sex nightmare
TEENAGERS are being groomed with alcohol and drawn into a world of sexual exploitation — and the problem is worse than previously thought — a Welsh charity has warned. Barnardo's Cymru believes it is dealing with the tip of the iceberg. (EU) - Western craving for fatty food and alcohol down to genetic ‘switch’ passed on by European ancestors, claim scientists
WESTERNERS crave fatty food and booze more than Asians because of a genetic “switch” passed down by our ancestors, scientists believe.
Times of India - Low doses of alcohol too affect heart
Moderate-to-high amounts of alcohol have been previously found to acutely impair the heart's left ventricular (LV) performance.
Business Insider (China) - Economic Boom In China Sends Booze Market Skyrocketing
China's unprecedented economic growth has led to increased disposable income, which has caused a rise in consumption and changes in eating and drinking habits.
MarketWatch - Dutch Parliament Approves New Sanctions for Retailers Caught Selling Alcohol to Minors
Teleconnect, Inc. (TLCO.PK) announces that it is strongly supporting the new law approved in Dutch Parliament imposing stiffer sanctions to commercial establishments caught selling alcohol to minors.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Deaths involving alcohol on the rise
ALCOHOL-RELATED deaths are increasing and young men are most likely to be the victims, a study by the Health Research Board has found.
Daily Mail - How much alcohol is REALLY safe? None, say cancer specialists
French researchers said most nations including the UK and U.S. set their drink limit guidelines to deal with short-term effects of alcohol and were not designed to prevent chronic diseases.
Irish Times (Ireland) - 'More of this country's young people are dying from alcohol than anything else'
Irish people are among the heaviest consumers of alcohol in Europe. One in four deaths of young men aged 15 to 34 is attributed to alcohol, and it is costing the health service millions each year. So what can we do about it?
Daily Mail (UK) - Obesity, heavy drinking and 'couch potato' lifestyle fuels 20% rise in cancer among the middle aged
Obesity, heavy drinking and a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle are fuelling soaring rates of cancer in the middle-aged, a report warns today. The numbers in their forties and fifties diagnosed with the illness has risen by a fifth in the last 30 years. (Bulgaria) - Bulgarians Drink Like Fish- Experts
Bulgarians drink 3 to 5 times more hard liquor than the average for Europe, according to experts.
Food Product Design (USA) - California Moves To Ban Caffeinated Alcohol Drinks
The California State Assembly voted 49 to 26 on July 11 to pass legislation banning an the import, production, distribution or retail sale of caffeinated alcohol drinks. The bill now faces a procedural concurrence vote in the Senate before being sent to Gov. Brown for his consideration.
WA today (Australia) - Proposed liquor warning labels 'too soft': health experts
Health warnings to be printed on alcoholic products are nothing more than a public relation exercise and fall well short of having any real impact on Australian drinkers, according to a prominent health expert.

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