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Alcohol News - 28/2011

Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Summer drunks keep police busy
Summertime in Norway is more than just long days, light nights and holiday relaxation. For the police, frequent summer partying can lead to a sharp rise in public disturbances and violence, especially on the weekends. This past weekend was no exception.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - The scourge of alcohol misuse
SINCE the days of prohibition in early twentieth century, Finland has experienced a love-hate relationship with alcohol. Despite high taxes, limited availability and restrictions on advertising alcohol, and regardless of claims that Finnish drinking habits are becoming more ‘European’ in style, health experts say that alcohol abuse remains one of the biggest problems facing the country.
The (Sweden) - Swedish teens drink less alcohol
The percentage of Swedish 15-year-olds who drink alcohol has dropped to the lowest level in decades.
Billings Gazette (USA) - Survey finds students are drinking less, but bullying more
Montana high school students say they are drinking alcohol less frequently and using seat belts more when driving, and they report being bullied more by fellow students, a survey released by the state Office of Public Instruction on Wednesday shows.
San Francisco Chronicle - Why are there ‘systematic errors’ in wine alcohol labels?
There’s a compelling study circulating on labeling wine alcohol levels. The study, primarily authored by UC Davis researchers, found “systematic errors” in reporting alcohol levels of wine using perhaps the most comprehensive data on the subject. Most recently it was cited by a Guardian article this week, which added some European perspective.
Fox News (USA) - Eating Under the Influence: Alcohol Can Make You Hungry
If you're dieting and frustrated because you're having trouble shedding the pounds listen up, there may be one very good reason why your diet doesn't work. Alcohol – even a little bit of it with a meal – could be culprit sabotaging your diet, Fox's Dari Alexander reported.
The Guardian - Wine alcohol strength 'systematically' understated on labeling
Study of 129,000 wines reveals some vintners deliberately - but legally - market wine as less alcoholic than it is. Wine drinkers suffering an unexpected hangover after what they thought was a moderate drink may have just found someone else to blame but themselves.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - Alcohol advertising ban 'no matter what'
The government is forging ahead with legislation that will crack down on alcohol advertising despite warnings of massive revenue and job losses.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Cheap wines worry doctor
SURGEON John Crozier operates on some of the 1500 Australians sent to hospital every week as a result of alcohol and can't understand why wine should sell for as little as $2 a bottle.
New Zealand Herald - Movie drinking scenes boost alcohol use: study
Exposure to alcohol marketing and films with images of sexy drinking could entice people to drink twice as much as they normally would, a conference on alcohol harm heard yesterday.
The Australian (Australia) - Social costs of alcohol 'are vastly inflated'
THE alcohol and hospitality industries are countering the threat of increased taxation by promoting new academic research that claims the negative costs of alcohol to the community have been routinely exaggerated by at least $10 billion.
Bellingham Herald - Report examines how alcohol products skirt regulations in claiming health benefits
Marin Institute released a new study last week that raises concerns about the way alcoholic beverages are marketed as sexy and healthy. Marin, the alcohol industry watchdog, analyzes how the products are pushed in much the way organic or natural foods are being plugged, in "Questionable Health Claims by Alcohol Companies: From Protein Vodka to Weight-Loss Beer," by Michele Simon and Janna Brancolini, with research assistance from Ryan Treffers.
NHS Choices - Alcohol 'may damage a baby's DNA'
“Alcohol damages DNA of unborn children beyond repair,” The Independent reported today. The newspaper says that “scientists have identified the precise molecular mechanism” through which this damage happens.
BBC News (UK) - Baroness Newlove tackles underage drinking
The widow of a man who was murdered by youths he challenged outside their Warrington home is to lead a scheme that tackles underage drinking.
Demerara Waves (Guyana) - Guyana's health minister upbeat about alcohol controls
Guyana’s health minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy believes that a balance could be found between controls on alcohol use and the billion-dollar industry’s contributions to the region’s economy.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Scotland set to lead on minimum unit pricing for alcohol
The new Scottish National Party-controlled government in Holyrood may introduce the UK's first minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol, when it reintroduces a bill that fell in Scotland's previous parliament towards the end of this year. (Australia) - Cigs war won: Now cancer campaigners set their sights on beer
HEALTH activists who believe even one alcoholic drink can cause cancer are lobbying MPs in Canberra today for limits on how much we consume and how much we pay for it.
Marketwire (Canada) - MADD Canada Challenges Myths about the 'Hard-Core' Drinking Driver
A MADD Canada statistical review of the blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of fatally-injured, alcohol-positive drivers dispels the myths that the category of drivers with the highest BAC levels is growing, and that these drivers are immune to general impaired driving countermeasures.
Times of Malta (Europe) - EU to introduce uniform food labelling for all states
All 27 EU member states will have to adhere to new rules on food labelling, giving consumers more information about the nutritional aspects of packaged food products.

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