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Alcohol News - 17/2011

Focus-Fen (Sweden) - Sweden launches new strategy to combat narcotic, alcohol problems
The Swedish government Tuesday launched a new comprehensive strategy to deal with alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco problems together.
Monsters and Critics (Germany) - Germany reportedly considering alcohol locks for cars
The German government is considering introducing vehicle locks that prevent car engines from starting if the driver is inebriated, media reported Wednesday.
Reuters - Hung-over surgeons more error-prone
Surgeons might want to steer clear of alcohol the night before operating, according to a new report that shows a hangover fuels errors during simulated surgery.
HealthNews - Energy Drinks Mixed with Alcohol Can Cause Increased Impairment
Energy drinks, also called functional beverages, have been racking up space in the grocery beverage aisle for some time.
BBC News (France) - France riot police face beer and wine meal ban
French riot police are outraged over plans to end a long-cherished tradition of drinking alcohol with their meals.
Billings Gazette (USA) - Alcohol involved in most Wyoming arrests, study says
The majority of crimes committed throughout the state of Wyoming have a direct link to alcohol abuse. That was the crux of a presentation given by Ernie Johnson, a management consultant for the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, at the 12-24 Club in Casper on Tuesday.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Adults need to 'let go of their love for alcohol' – expert
There is growing pressure for the government to tighten up New Zealand's alcohol laws following a report into the death of a teenager from binge drinking.
Yorkshire Post (UK) - UK girls top binge drinking league
British girls are the biggest teenage binge drinkers in the Western world – and they are getting drunk more often than boys.
Times of India (Germany) - Programme to keep teens away from alcohol
A team of scientists have developed a program to help children and young adults stay away from alcohol and substance abuse.
Daily Mail (UK) - Scandal of 80,000 on sickness benefits for minor ailments... including diarrhoea
Thousands of people have been on incapacity benefit for more than a decade for minor ailments, alcohol addiction and obesity.
Independent Online (South Africa) - War declared on drunken driving
War has been declared on anyone driving drunk in Gauteng. In the last 48 hours, 86 drivers were arrested for being over the alcohol limit in Joburg, as against the 108 arrested over the entire Christmas and New Year. On Fridaynight, Ekurhuleni metro police added another 16 drivers in their region.
China Post (Taiwan) - One in nine Taiwan kids has bought alcohol: study
A total of 36 percent of Taiwan's elementary schoolchildren aged 10-12 have imbibed alcohol, 11 percent have skipped tutorial classes to buy it, and children living with single parents and those living with neither of their parents are more likely to buy it, according to a study published in the “Drug and Alcohol Dependence,” a journal  headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The Edinburgh Journal (Scotland) - SNP still adamant on minimum prices for alcohol
Scotland’s party leaders clashed in a heated debate about the minimum pricing for alcohol on BBC Scotland’s Politics Show leader’s debate. - Oral health problems are prevalent among people who use drugs, alcohol
Most people who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse also suffer from oral health conditions, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.
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Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Wine gaining on beer as Canadians' favourite intoxicant
Canadians drink enough beer annually to fill nearly 1,000 Olympic swimming pools, while total alcohol sales approach the $20-billion mark thanks in part to the continued rise in wine popularity and price increases for many products.
Times of India (India) - Alcohol abuse leading to rise in liver diseases: PGI report
PGI, Chandigarh, the only hospital equipped in the region to deal with cases of liver disease, has, in its report submitted to the department of medical education and research, Punjab, expressed concern over the increasing number of liver diseases in the state.
Food Consumer - Another Reason not to binge drink alcohol
A Loyola University Health System study has found another reason to not binge drink alcohol. Binge drinking, researchers found, could change the body's immune system response to bone injuries.
City Journalist Directory (UK) - Drinking at Home Problems in the North of England
Drinking at home has become a problem in and around Yorkshire in the North of England, but alcohol knows no barriers it has entered the homes of lawyers, doctors, bankers and many more professionals. In other words if you embrace alcohol you will soon find a receptive booze supplier, alcohol will never fail to deliver that ‘just one more drink’ and now many rural areas of Yorkshire are beset with people with ‘drink problems’ and alcoholism.
New York Times (China) - Beer Drinking and What It Says About China’s Economy
than the average resident of Iran. By 1991, consumption topped 27 bottles a year, but still lagged behind 117 other nations, according to the World Health Organization.
The Guardian (Russia) - Russia's heartland in crisis as desperation and vodka take toll
Drink-related deaths among men in hard-pressed rural areas exacerbate the decline in the nation's population. (South Africa) - Alcohol advertising ban: media between a rock and a hard place
South African media's indecision to support alcohol advertising ban could be linked to the fact that media companies stand to lose huge revenues if the legislation were to come into effect, one media analyst charged this week.
The Northern Echo (UK) - Government "missing opportunity" to halt heavy drinking
A NORTH-EAST academic with a worldwide reputation in her field has criticised the Government for failing to back a cheap and effective method of curbing heavy drinking.

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