Monday, April 18, 2011

Alcohol News - 16/2011

The Nordic Page (Norway) - Youth Want Alcohol Limit
Young people would actually like parents to set limits for alcohol consumption. This comes from a new survey done for the Health Directorate. (Denmark) - Alcoholic Parents May Predispose Kids to Drinking Problem
Children of parents with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) are at increased risk for the same type of problem, says a new study from Denmark.
TIME - A Bad Mix: Why Alcohol and Energy Drinks Are Dangerous
Mixing alcohol with other substances is never really a good idea, and pairing it with energy drinks may be especially hazardous.
BusinessWeek - Problem Drinking May Make Hospital Infections More Deadly
Hospital patients with alcohol use disorders who develop health care-associated infections are more likely to die from the infections, have longer hospital stays and higher hospital costs than those without alcohol disorders, a new study finds.
Daily News & Analysis - Certain Genes Could Add to Alcoholism Risk
People with certain variations in a gene called GABRA2 have an increased risk for alcoholism, a new study has found.
EurekAlert - Researchers link alcohol-dependence impulsivity to brain anomalies
Researchers already know that alcohol dependence (AD) is strongly associated with impaired impulse control or, more precisely, the inability to choose large, delayed rewards rather than smaller but more immediate rewards. Findings from a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the neural basis of impulsive choice among individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) suggest that impulsive choice in AD may be the result of functional anomalies in widely distributed but interconnected brain regions that are involved in cognitive and emotional control.
ThirdAge (Russia) - Alcohol Deaths in Russia Rise After Program Abandoned, Study Finds
Alcohol deaths in Russia increased when the anti-alcohol campaign started in 1985 was abandoned in 1988, which U.S. researchers say accounts for almost half the mortality rate from 1990 to 1994.
ABC Online (Australia) - Doctors attack Government over alcohol policies
Some of the Northern Territory's most senior doctors have attacked the NT Government over the way it is dealing with alcohol problems.
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics - Premature birth risk 'linked to drinking during pregnancy'
Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are more likely to give birth prematurely or have a miscarriage, a new study has revealed.
AngolaPress (Angola) - Youth Ministry warns on alcohol use
The Angola Ministry of Youth and Sports will promote at the end of the current month throughout the country, an awareness campaign on the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.
Park Rapids Enterprise (USA) - An Issue of Influence: Alcohol, drugs can lead to domestic abuse
Native American elders teach that children are gifts from the Creator and it is the family, community, school, and tribe’s responsibility to nurture, protect and guide them.
Medscape - Gastric Cancer Linked to Gene Variant, Heavy Beer Drinking
A genetic variant might predispose heavy beer drinkers to a higher risk for gastric cancer, according to the results of a new study.
New York Times (Russia) - Moscow’s Drinking Problem
IN an effort to reduce both its sky-high alcoholism rate and its budget gap, Russia recently announced plans to quadruple the tax on the country’s eternal vice, vodka, over the next three years.
Royal Gazette (Bermuda) - Alcohol is a $100m 'un-policed' industry: CADA
Alcohol is a $100 million dollar industry “largely un-policed” in Bermuda, according to the anti-drinking and driving organisation CADA.
The Guardian (UK) - White cider is becoming like heroin among alcoholics, says report
Super-strength ciders are becoming popular among heavy drinkers as tax breaks to protect the industry make them a cheaper fix.
Morning Advertiser (EU) - Serve Legal to address Euro conference on underage drinking
Test purchasing company Serve Legal is to address a major European conference on tackling underage drinking today. (Australia) - Four million drink to get drunk: study
MORE than four million Australians say they drink alcohol with the aim of getting drunk, a new study has found. And about half of those people try to get drunk at least once a week.

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