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Alcohol News - 41/2010

The Foreigner (Norway) – Alcohol taxes will raise by 5%
The Government expects to earn less next year from inheritance tax, gift tax, and road use tax for petrol-driven cars. Revenue from most other taxes, excluding customs duties, is expected to rise. Tax levels for alcohol, snuff, and tobacco products will also be increased by 5 and 10 percent, respectively.
Read more (Denmark) - Old (alcohol) habits die hard
School initiatives banning alcohol for minors gets cold reception Two secondary schools in Jutland have decided to forbid alcohol for their student at any festivities held on school grounds. The ban came just two days after the Health Ministry earlier this week made the recommendation in its annual report, which was sent out to the nation’s secondary schools along with accompanying brochures aimed at curbing teen drinking.
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The Local (Sweden) - New government faces ambitious autumn
The Ministry of Industry is set to present a motion to introduce alcohol ignition locks for convicted drunk drivers which should be completed on October 26th.
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Views and News (Norway) - Norwegian youth lax with condoms
Norwegian teenagers scored the worst in a new survey on condom use among young Europeans, and they seem to blame their lack of responsibility on alcohol.
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YLE News (Finland) - Alcohol Causes Finns to Pack on Pounds
Alcohol consumption is a main factor in Finnish weight gain. Fat gained from alcoholic beverages tends to gather around the waistline.
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Internal Medicine News Digital Network - Teen Drunkenness on Rise in Eastern Europe, Falling in West
Teens in Eastern Europe became more prone to drunkenness in the late 1990s, while excessive alcohol consumption among Western adolescents declined, and the gap between boys’ and girls’ drinking habits narrowed significantly, Swiss investigators report.
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Sify – Study: abroad students increase alcohol consumption
New research from University of Washington has revealed that studying abroad is more like a prolonged spring break for some students - it can be months with fewer academic responsibilities, plentiful bars and alcohol, and parents far away.
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The Press Association (UK) - Ban on happy hours draws closer
A ban on happy hours and all-you-can-drink promotions in Northern Ireland has moved a step closer as proposed laws went to public consultation.
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Psychology Today - Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol
Drinking alcohol is evolutionarily novel, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent people drink more alcohol than less intelligent people.
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International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics - 'No alcohol means no risk' for pregnant women
Pregnant women who drink a lot during their gestation could harm the "development of the[ir] baby [which] can lead to brain damage and behavioural problems", it has been suggested.
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Behavioral Health Central (USA) - 1 in 4 High School Students and Young Adults Report Binge Drinking
More than 1 in 4 high school students and adults ages 18 to 34 engaged in a dangerous behavior known as binge drinking during the past month, according to the findings from a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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The Zimbabwe Standard (Zimbabwe) - Govt to ban beer sales after 7 PM
THE government is set to come up with a raft of regulations that will see supermarkets, shops and bottle stores only being allowed to sell alcoholic drinks between 6am and 7pm, while the selling of beer will be banned after midday on Sundays.
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Medical News Today - Breast Cancer Groups Critical Of Donations From Alcohol Companies
Breast cancer fundraising campaigns by alcohol companies are drawing criticism from some breast cancer advocacy groups and survivors, who argue that it is inappropriate to use a product that can increase the risk of developing breast cancer to raise money for research, USA Today reports.
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Scotsman (Scotland) - Drinkers to get message on a bottle
Alcohol safety messages are to appear on the necks of bottles sold from off-licences in a bid to promote safe drinking. West Lothian's Community Safety Unit is encouraging off-licence premises to place the messages round the necks of bottles that they sell.
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Chemist+Druggist - Pharmacists should advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol, despite latest research
Pharmacists should continue to advise pregnant women to abstain from drinking alcohol, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has advised.
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BBC News (Wales) - Chief medic wants alcohol licensing powers for Wales
Wales' chief medical officer has called for powers to be able to introduce tougher controls on alcohol to tackle "the binge drinking culture".
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The Guardian (UK) - Parents adopting more open attitude to alcohol, drugs and sex
British parents are increasingly relaxed about their children drinking alcohol from as young as 10 years old, taking drugs and having sex, according to research released today.
Read more - Binge-drinking smokers run risk of oral cancers
Young adults who smoke, drink and eat low levels of fruit and vegetables are at higher risk of contracting cancers of the mouth, oesophagus and larynx.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Supermarkets should pay share of alcohol responsibility levy
Clearly individuals ought to drink in a fashion that does not harm others or themselves and, de facto, taxpayers pick up the tab for the costs to the police and the NHS. Yet responsibility also rests with those who sell alcohol.
Read more (New Zealand) - Risky student drinking, adverse sexual experiences
New Zealand university students who drink heavily report considerably more unsafe sex, unhappy sexual experiences and unwanted advances than their lightly drinking peers, according to a new survey of students at five universities.
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Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - MfD: Young Czechs lead in alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption of underage Czechs is the highest in Europe, according to both European studies, and this is why the government is to approve a new action plan of the fight against alcohol and drugs, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday.
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Inside Facebook - Facebook Implements Additional Alcohol Advertisement Guidelines
Facebook updated its advertisement policy guidelines with significant new restrictions to ads for or depicting alcohol last month. All alcohol ads must be targeted by country, cannot target any users in a set of predominantly Middle Eastern countries, and can’t include creative that misleads users to think alcohol is healthy, suitable for minors, or a contributor to success.
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BCM (Russia) - As of 2011, Russia to have price floor on brandy
The following year, brandy and cognac await the fate of vodka - these alcoholic beverages will also have a price floor. As of 2011, the cheapest half-liter bottle of brandy is going to cost 190-210 rubles ($6.3-7), to say nothing of the taste or quality of this beverage.
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