Monday, August 16, 2010

Alcohol News - 33/2010

Toronto Star (Canada) - Lawyers call for ‘decriminalization’ of fetal alcohol offenders
People who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and commit criminal offences don’t belong in jail, Canada’s largest lawyers’ organization says.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Liquor reform call out within two weeks
Changes to alcohol legislation are likely to be announced by the Government within the next two weeks, Prime Minister John Key said following today's Cabinet meeting.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol-related injuries on the rise
Alcohol-related injuries in Victoria have risen dramatically over the past decade, while the state's alcohol consumption remained stable.

BBC News (Wales) - Minister seeks control of alcohol licensing in Wales
Ministers in Wales could take charge of rules surrounding alcohol sales, including minimum price, licensing hours and advertising.

FairWarning - Teens See Fewer Alcohol Ads in Mags, But Online is a Different Story
With underage drinkers accounting for up to 20 percent of U.S. alcohol sales, it’s no wonder that scrutiny of beverage marketing is growing. Two recent reports shed light on the subject. One found that the industry has decreased magazine ads that are likely to be seen by youth. The other shows that alcohol marketers have pulled out all the stops online–with viral videos, Facebook fanpages, and games featuring their products.

AFP (UK) - UK PM backs ban on sale of cheap alcohol: report
Prime Minister David Cameron has signalled support for local authorities to ban the cheap sale of alcohol, as Britain seeks to crack down on the country's notorious binge drinking culture.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Top doctor urges ban on alcohol sponsors in sport
THE HEAD of AE at one of the country’s busiest hospitals has called for a ban on sports sponsorship by drinks companies.

Los Angeles Times (USA) - The upside of raising taxes on alcohol -- fewer deaths, researchers say
People love to complain about "sin taxes" on unhealthy or socially undesirable foods and beverages (for instance, this Booster Shots item on a proposal to tax fattening foods to pay for obesity-related healthcare costs has prompted 831 comments so far).

Medical News Today - Alcohol Use May Be A Problem For Older Adults
Some people whose drinking habits do not change over the years and decades may find that they develop problems with alcohol when they get older - aging lowers the body's tolerance for alcohol.

Toronto Star - Don’t drink, even if the boss does
Want to make a good impression when dining out with a prospective boss? Then never, ever take an alcoholic drink. Even if you’re completely in control, research shows that simply holding a glass of wine or beer creates a negative perception, what professors Scott Rick and Maurice Schweitzer call the “imbibing idiot bias.”

TopNews United States - Doctors Should Warn Pregnant Women about Alcohol Consumption
In order to prevent the fatal alcohol spectrum disorder in kids, health providers should take an initiative of asking women who are ready to bear a child, about the consumption of alcohol, suggests the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Glasgow Evening Times (Scotland) - Time to call time on our drink culture
Glasgow is losing the battle against booze and the city’s “appalling” alcohol record needs to be tackled urgently. - Mutation in mouse gene probably uncovers genetic pathway for alcoholism
Though alcohol addiction is known to be harmful for health, many people continue to remain slaves to it.

Sify - One in five Aussies abuses, becomes addicted to alcohol in lifetime
One in five Australians abuses or becomes addicted to alcohol in their lifetime, revealed a first nationwide study on the prevalence of drinking problems.

Baltic Review (Estonia) - Sale of alcohol at petrol stations lethal
The daily Eesti Päevaleht blames the deaths on increased alcohol consumption and calls for stricter laws: “Why must alcohol be available at petrol stations, as if it were just another thing you needed for your car like motor oil or windshield washer fluid?

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