Monday, August 2, 2010

Alcohol News - 31/2010

My Fox Boston (USA) - Number of Americans Drinking Alcohol Hits 25-Year High
The number of adults in the U.S. drinking alcohol has hit a 25-year high, the New York Daily News reported Sunday, as the nation continues to experience economic instability.

Daily Mail (UK) - 50p a unit: City centre first to establish minimum alcohol sale price to combat drunkeness
A city centre is set to become the first in Britain to set a minimum price for the sale of alcohol in a bid to target binge-drinking.

The First Reporter (Australia) - Alcohol Costs Australian Economy $400 million
A modern example of how alcohol is costing the economy is Australia. As per a study, sober colleagues of alcoholics in Australia have to do all the extra work in order to cover up the absence of their heavy drinker friends and this is costing the Australian economy about $400 million per year or more. - Epigenetics of breast cancer possibly alter by diet and alcohol
Currently the most general non-skin cancer among American women seems to be breast cancer. Nevertheless novel discoveries have helped increase the number of breast cancer survivors. (Canada) - Ont. young drivers face alcohol ban
Ontario’s new zero blood-alcohol level policy for young drivers takes effect at midnight Saturday.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Labour: The SNP are letting Scottish kids down in alcohol education
THE Scottish government are failing to warn pupils properly about the dangers of alcohol, Labour claim. The party's health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said the SNP have broken a manifesto promise to ensure all councils have a booze education programme.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) – Nearly half of road deaths involve drugs, alcohol
Nearly half of drivers who die in road crashes have alcohol and/or drugs in their system, according to an Environment, Science and Research (ESR) report.

New York Times (USA) – The Rich Drink More
The rich aren’t like you and me. They drink more. At least, upper-income Americans are more likely to report that they consume alcohol, according to a new Gallup survey.

7thSpace Interactive (China) - Study focuses on alcohol consumption and agriculture-related injuries in China
As a collaboration of the Colorado Injury Control Research Center, the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the School of Public Heath, Tongji Medical College at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the USA-China Agricultural Injury Research Training Project was created in 2004.

MedIndia (Australia) - Study Links Personality Traits to Mental Illness, Alcohol Usage in Doctors
Certain personality traits, demographic and work related factors increase the likelihood that doctors will develop mental illness or hazardous alcohol habits according to a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Barents Observer (Russia) - Murmansk bans sale of vodka after 9pm
Murmansk Oblast imposes new restrictions on sale of strong liquors. Retail sale of alcoholic beverages stronger than 15 percent will only be allowed between 11am and 9pm.

The Publican (UK) - 'All-day drink law was a mistake, says police chief'
The 24-hour drink licensing laws were a "mistake", Association of Chief Police Officers president Sir Hugh Orde says.

AFP (Netherlands) - Dutch clinic helps alcoholics by "binding them with beer'
Alcoholic Janetta van Bruggen settles comfortably into a clinic chair, lights a cigarette and takes a supervised swig from a tall, frosted mug -- her sixth beer since breakfast.

IceNews (Finland) - Dry-out clinics expecting an end-of-summer rush
Rehab centres in Finland are bracing themselves for an increased workload next month, as summer drinkers attempt to dry out before returning to work. (Bulgaria) - 'Alcohol Tourism' Said to Dominate Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea Coast
An increasing number of foreigners and Bulgarians alike are engaging in what has been described as “alcohol tourism” in the numerous resorts along the country’s Southern Black Sea coast.

YLE News (Finland) - Finnish Alcohol Consumption Risk Levels "Too High"
The risk levels of alcohol consumption are higher in Finland than in many other countries. For example, in the United States, the limit of safe alcohol intake is almost half of that in Finland. Alcohol related diseases remain a significant cause of mortality in Finland.

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