Monday, August 10, 2009

Alcohol News - week 32/2009 (UK) - Breastfeeding and alcohol consumption

A North Dakota woman arrested and charged with child neglect after breastfeeding her 6-week old baby while intoxicated has been sentenced.

Media Newswire - Royal College of Psychiatrists calls for more alcohol treatment services in Scotland

The Royal College of Psychiatrists welcomes the Scottish Government’s approach to alcohol problems, but remains concerned at the shortage of alcohol treatment services in Scotland.

AFP (Malaysia) - Malaysian state rejects Islamic party's push for alcohol ban

An opposition-controlled Malaysian state on Friday rejected a demand by Muslim fundamentalists to ban the sale of alcohol at convenience stores in Muslim-majority areas.

Business Mirror (EU) - RP alcohol makers in ‘David vs Goliath’ fight vs European liquor companies

LOCAL alcohol producers are crying foul over the seeming haste by which the Philippine government is responding to the European Community’s (EC) complaint against alleged discrimination in the tax treatment of local vis-à-vis imported alcohol products.

Los Angeles Times - Alcohol consumption linked to increased cancer risk

If you’d like to increase your risk of getting an array of cancers, a new study suggests you should hit the bottle.

PR Newswire - Survey Shows Moms' Top Back-to-School Concern is Kids' Exposure to Drinking and Drugs

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America kicks off its third annual Time To Talk Month with a new online guide to help parents guide their teens through tough transition times, including back to school, when added social and academic pressures make teens more vulnerable to trying drugs and alcohol.

BBC News (Scotland) - 'Little help' for alcohol abusers

Almost a third of Scottish men and a quarter of women drink at potentially harmful levels but very few are getting help, a study has suggested.

Ethiopian Review - The Men Behind The Most Famous Names in Alcohol

Since the dawn of reason and man's ability to comprehend oneself, alcohol has profoundly influenced the human race. Every social network has an individual who, when drunk, will profess their undying love for you.

BBC News (UK) - Boredom 'fuels teen alcohol use'

Many British teenagers turn to alcohol to relieve boredom, a survey suggests.

Wall Street Journal (USA) - Buzz Kill? Critics Target Alcohol-Caffeine Drinks

State attorneys general and health-advocacy groups are urging the federal government to more closely regulate caffeinated alcoholic drinks, a small but fast-growing category popular among younger drinkers.

New York Daily News - For parents, preventing college binge drinking should start during teen years at home

Forty-four percent of young adults acknowledge they binge drink. And HealthDay’s Steven Reinberg quotes U.S. health officials that this kind of alcohol abuse is on the rise, “along with its consequences of drunk driving and drinking-related deaths.”

Wall Street Journal Blogs (USA) - Alcohol Advocacy Group Criticizes MADD over ‘Beer Summit’

It’s not every day Mothers Against Drunk Driving is accused of acting like a radical fringe group, but today the American Beverage Institute did just that, calling MADD an “anti-alcohol group that has been hijacked by the modern day temperance movement.” (Sweden) - Why Swedes go next door to Denmark to buy alcohol

The Swedes have a difficult relationship with alcohol: they may, according to a study commissioned by the EU, drink alcohol less frequently than the Portuguese, for instance (the majority of Swedes claimed to drink alcohol either once a week or two to three times a month, whereas 47% of Portuguese professed to drink daily), but the amount of alcohol they consume at each of these sittings differs substantially: of the Portuguese respondants, 69% consume only one or two alcoholic drinks in one go, whereas 29% of the Swedes disclosed they consume at least double that; 16% even take more than five drinks.

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