Monday, August 3, 2009

Alcohol News - week 31/2009

BBC (UK) - Daily alcohol limit 'unhelpful'

Daily limits on alcohol consumption are meaningless and potentially harmful, experts have warned.

Boston Herald (USA) - Bottoms up, taxes up: Mass. raises fee on alcohol

A new alcohol tax goes into effect Saturday on all beer, wine and alcohol purchases in the state, lifting a previous tax exemption on booze.

Hindu - Exposure to alcohol in womb leads to sleep problems

Babies exposed to alcohol in the womb and those who are small at birth develop sleep problems as eight-year-olds, says a new study.

Globe and Mail - Fetal alcohol victims face discrimination

A steady stream of offenders suffering from a syndrome with no cure – fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – are being unfairly entangled in the criminal justice system, says a leading criminal law scholar.

The Age (Australia) - Support for alcohol warnings

ALCOHOL labels with graphic health warnings and daily consumption advice would be welcomed by Victorians, new research has found.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Supermarkets prefer alcohol tax rise to minimum prices

Supermarkets would prefer increased taxes on alcohol to imposition of minimum prices to try to stop discounting.

Medill Reports: Washington (USA) - Last call for no alcohol

President Barack Obama’s “Beer Summit” at the White House with Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Henry Louis Gates has been welcomed as a savvy resolution to a problem that, if you believe the pundits, has all the politically charged implications of the Dreyfus affair.

Reuters - Prenatal alcohol tied to kids' social problems

Children who were exposed to large amounts of alcohol in the womb may have difficulty processing and reading emotions, leading to problems with their social skills and behavior, a new study shows.

New York Times (Ireland) - Drinkless in Ireland: Pubs but No Pints

WHAT is Ireland without a Guinness? Consult the typical guidebook, and you’ll get the impression that downing pints is the epitome of the tourism experience in Ireland, even the mystical key to the Irish soul. - NY Times explores the role of alcohol in the sixth Harry Potter movie

Since it first became popular, Harry Potter has been accused of enticing kids down the dark paths of witchcraft and Satanism. But an article in the New York Times earlier this week accused Potter of having a negative influence on America’s youth in an entirely different realm: teen drinking.

Medscape - Pancreas: Alcoholic Pancreatitis—It's the Alcohol, Stupid

The management of alcoholic pancreatitis is mostly reactive; little is done to prevent disease progression. It is time for physicians to pay attention to the root cause of the condition—that is, alcohol—rather than just responding to its effects.

Daily Mail - Absurd, dangerous, plain wrong. These mixed messages on drink and drugs are the road to social ruin

Holding the line is a key element of any military defence strategy. If the line is breached, the enemy can pour through. So it is with the defence of civilised values. Both the law of the land and informal networks of social stigma or disapproval play a crucial role in holding the line for the values of a society. (China) - China is planning to increase tax on alcohol. The workers will not like this at all

The China Daily, that great wielder of the sword of Truth, has issued a dire warning to the unregenerate. From today the government is increasing the taxation on high-powered alcohol.

Independent (UK) - Liver charity calls for compulsory unit labels on alcohol

A liver charity has called on the Government to make unit labels on alcohol mandatory following a report on alcohol misuse published today.

BusinessWorld Online (EU) - EU complaint highlights need to restructure ‘sin’ taxes — Finance department

Amid complaints by the European Union (EU) about the Philippines’ way of taxing distilled spirits, the Finance department on Friday renewed its call for Congress to pass a measure restructuring the taxes on alcohol and tobacco, arguing that this would enable the country to comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. (Australia) - Health warnings on alcoholic drinks

ALMOST nine out of 10 Victorians want cigarette-style health warning labels on their beer, wine and spirits, according to new research.,27574,25873580-2862,00.html

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