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Alcohol News - 30/2023

WHO Europe (Scotland) - No place for cheap alcohol: Scotland’s minimum unit pricing policy is protecting lives
Pricing policies are among the most cost-effective measures that countries can use to reduce alcohol consumption and harms. Published in June 2023, the independent evaluation of Scotland’s minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy concluded that in 2.5 years of operation, it has prevented hundreds of avoidable deaths and reduced health inequalities linked to alcohol consumption.
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France 24 (France) - Revolution in a glass? The rise of alcohol-free drinks in wine-loving France
With European summer well and truly upon us, many people will no doubt be relaxing with a refreshingly chilled glass of wine. But in France, not everyone will be getting light-headed. Non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirits are a fast-growing market, a surprising trend in a country famous for its wine-growing tradition.
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News Medical (China) - Study sheds light on the susceptibility of Chinese men to 60 diseases related to alcohol consumption
Recently, a study conducted by researchers from Peking University and Oxford Population Health shed light on the susceptibility of Chinese men to 60 diseases related to alcohol consumption.
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Psychology Today - Alcohol Use and Women’s Heart Health
There are some important things you need to know about alcohol and your heart, especially as a woman. More women are drinking alcohol, and there is even a “mommy culture” around drinking.
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American Journal of Managed Care (USA) - Heavy Alcohol Use Associated With Lower Self-Reported Health Status in Women With HIV
Heavy alcohol use in women with HIV was found to be associated with lower self-reported health status, whereas this association was not seen in men with HIV, according to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine Open.
Read more (New Zealand) - Call for politicians to stop junk food, alcohol and tobacco harm in Māori, Pacific neighbourhoods
Public health experts have laid down a wero to politicians for better policies to limit the harm of junk food, alcohol and tobacco ahead of the election.
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Contemporary Pediatrics - Study shows the impact of adversity on sleep problems in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Recent research demonstrated the critical role of exposure to postnatal adversity in contributing to sleep disturbances among children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
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The Times (UK) - How family drug and alcohol courts aid the war on addiction
Perceptions of traditional courts often involve forbidding dark wooden panelling and judges at pulpit height. And while the family courts have come a long way, they still have a sense of formality that is not always a good fit for these cases.
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LSM (Latvia) - Health experts expect alcohol restriction laws in Latvia
In the autumn, the Latvian Saeima will decide whether to set more stringent procedures for the purchase of alcohol. Health experts say there is no time to waste in the matter, Latvian Television reported on July 22.
Read more (Ireland) - Almost one in three farmers drinking at harmful levels and one-fifth binge alcohol weekly
One in three farmers drink alcohol at harmful levels, according to a new study, and one in 20 takes drugs, with most of them doing so to a risky degree.
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Nottinghamshire Live - Incredibly dangerous alcohol side effect people are talking about
The term ‘blackout drunk’ is commonly used to describe the state in which an individual cannot recall what has happened while intoxicated. Even when consuming the same amounts of alcohol as others, some will experience blackouts more often than not when drinking.
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SHAAP (Scotland) - Medical experts call for new service to save lives of alcohol frequent hospital attenders
New research with people who are repeatedly hospitalised due to alcohol (Alcohol Frequent Attenders – AFAs) highlights the need for improved services. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of the West of Scotland alongside medical colleagues at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Renfrewshire and was commissioned by expert alcohol medical group, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP).
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Working Economics Blog (USA) - States across the country are quietly lowering the alcohol service age
An industry already rife with abuse—including child labor law violations—would like your server to be an underage teenager
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