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Alcohol News - 21/2023

BBC (UK) - Government not taking 'appalling' alcohol harm seriously, MPs say

MPs are concerned that the government is not taking alcohol harm seriously enough following an increase in deaths.
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Medical Xpress - New study warns of damaging effects of 'alcohol posts' on social media
Many young people regularly post photos of themselves with a glass of beer or wine in their hand. But such "alcohol posts" could lead to more youngsters drinking alcohol. In a new study, communications scientist Hanneke Hendriks asked students for their ideas on potential solutions.
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The Mirror - Alcohol increases calorie intake by 75,000 a year for average drinker, study suggests
The average drinker is consuming more than 75,000 calories from alcohol a year. New figures show we annually rack up roughly the equivalent of 1,000 cookies, 327 kebabs or 293 Big Macs by boozing.
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News Medical - High alcohol consumption could have detrimental effects on muscle mass in later life
Heavy drinkers could be putting themselves at risk of muscle loss and frailty in later life, according to new research from the University of East Anglia.
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CBC (Canada) - Canada's got a drinking problem — and one senator says Ottawa needs to step up
The federal government pitched a sizeable increase to the alcohol excise tax earlier this year — only to walk back that commitment in response to backlash from some MPs, lobby groups and cost-conscious Canadian drinkers.
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The Local France (France) - Three areas of Paris ban purchase of alcohol after 5pm
Certain areas in three Paris arrondissements have banned the purchase of alcohol in supermarkets after 5pm in an attempt to curb nighttime noise and disorder.
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Medical News Today - Esophageal cancer and alcohol
Alcohol consumption is one of several factors that can increase the risk of esophageal cancer.
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AKIpress News Agency (Uzbekistan) - Uzbekistan bans sale of alcohol and tobacco products to persons aged under 21
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a law restricting the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to persons aged under 21. The document was published on May 25 in the government newspaper Narodnoye Slovo and will come into force in three months.
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The Herald (Scotland) - Why curbing alcohol advertising matters to affected families
A mother of two has said she is "scared" of the day her children start drinking amid omnipresent alcohol advertising in Scotland.
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Nottingham Post - Experts warn alcohol could be impacting your quality of sleep
Experts have claimed that a particular type of drink could be stopping you from having a good night's sleep. Whilst we have all been told avoiding caffeine is important to help you fall asleep, some warn that alcohol should also be avoided.
Read more (New Zealand) - Renewed calls for local alcohol policy in Marlborough
Violence, crashes, and health problems afflicting the community could be reduced with better rules for alcohol sales, says Marlborough’s police boss.
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Spectrum News (USA) - As death rates rise, New York labels alcohol a 'growing women's health issue'
As death rates have increased over the last decade, one agency in New York state is calling alcohol "a growing women's health issue."
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NordAN (Finland) - Finland: Minors obtain their alcohol through intermediaries
90% of the alcohol consumed by Finnish young people comes from intermediaries. Most young people find it easy to obtain alcohol.
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AlcoholAndCancer - Ireland's New Alcohol Labelling Law: A Step Forward in Public Health
In an era where the health implications of consumer choices have come into sharp focus, Ireland's bold new policy for comprehensive health labelling of alcohol products offers a critical blueprint for the world. By confronting the high cost of alcohol-related health issues with such legislative action, Ireland could set a new standard for Europe and the world.
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