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Alcohol News - 7/2023

NordAN (Denmark) - Six out of 10 Danes want to raise the age limit for selling alcohol
Young people must be 18 to buy alcohol in Denmark, says a majority of the population. In a new poll, 60% of Danes say the age limit for alcohol sales should be raised to 18 for all types of alcohol.
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Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Alcohol, smoking cause tens of thousands of deaths, emergency room visits and hospitalizations annually in Ontario: report
More than 1,000 Ottawa residents are estimated to die from smoking-related causes every year, while an average of 264 local people die as a result of alcohol consumption, according to a new report from Public Health Ontario and Ontario Health.
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The New York Times - Binge Drinking May Be Curbed With a Pill
A recent study suggested the use of a decades-old medicine taken before imbibing could reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.
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The Conversation (Australia) - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is tragic but not new. How should fresh funding tackle it in the NT?
In recent weeks, the Australian and Northern Territory governments announced new funding to address the longstanding, much-publicised challenges facing Central Australia.
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Mirage News - Cheaper Alcohol Linked to Higher Abortions, Birth Complications
When Finnish policymakers cut taxes on alcohol and made importing alcohol easier, rates of abortion, pre-term birth, and low birthweight all rose, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Addiction.
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Yale School of Medicine - Excess Medications and Alcohol Misuse by People With HIV Increase Delirium Risk
Delirium is a transient but serious condition that complicates as many as one in five hospitalizations, and those living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are especially at risk.
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The Tartan (Ireland) - Irish health warning labels on alcoholic beverages: a needed cultural change?
Even if it is hard because people can be so accustomed to it, drinking less alcohol can be beneficial to one’s health. Translating this personal change into a cultural one can be valuable for societies at large.
Read more (UK) - £421 million to boost drug and alcohol treatment across England
Local authorities across England to receive funding to combat drug and alcohol misuse, with areas of highest need prioritised.
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BU School of Public Health (USA) - ‘Alcohol Taxes Save Lives’
With alcohol accounting for 1 in 20 deaths in Massachusetts and linked to a steady toll of adverse health outcomes, School of Public Health researchers recommend the state adopt policies to limit alcohol availability, reduce the amount of alcohol advertising, and increase alcohol prices through raised taxes.
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ATCA (Ghana) - Put hefty taxes on alcohol, cigarettes to generate funds to fight cancer
Breast Care International (BCI), a member of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), has urged the government to impose high levies on cigarettes, and alcohol to support cancer fight.
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ABC News (Australia) - Alcohol bans are returning to the NT, and some Indigenous leaders see them as a 'second chance'
Nearly a year ago, against the spectre of alcohol bans lifting in his community, Palmerston Indigenous Village leader Phillip Goodman offered his prediction of what would come next.
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