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Alcohol News - 3/2023

Global News (Canada) - New guidelines dramatically reduce safe amount of alcohol consumption
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction has dramatically reduced the amount of alcohol it says we can safely drink per week.
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CCSA (Canada) - Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health: Final Report
Summarizes the evidence drawn from worldwide evidence reviews, mathematical modelling, and extensive consultations and discussions. The Guidance provides people in Canada with accurate and current information about the risk of harms associated with the consumption of alcohol.
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Politics Home (UK) - We need a new strategy to tackle alcohol harm after over a decade of inaction
As a society, we have a complex relationship with alcohol. While we celebrate and normalise its consumption, we stay silent about its harm.
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The New York Times - Even a Little Alcohol Can Harm Your Health
Recent research makes it clear that any amount of drinking can be detrimental. Here’s why you may want to cut down on your consumption beyond Dry January.
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The Guardian - The 99% sober movement: should we keep dry January going all year?
There is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol consumption, according to new guidelines from Canada. What does this mean for moderate drinkers?
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CBS News (USA) - Alcohol-related liver disease rising among young people
Jessica Dueñas was leading a double life. Named Kentucky's teacher of the year in 2019, she had also developed a heavy drinking problem.
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The Guardian (Italy/Ireland) - Anger brews in Italy over Ireland’s plans for alcohol health warnings
A plan by Ireland to put stark health warnings on bottles of wine, beer and spirits has caused anger in Italy.
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CTV News (Canada) - With new alcohol consumption guidelines, here's why experts say standard drink labelling is key
Following the release of new alcohol consumption guidelines by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) on Tuesday, health experts say mandatory labelling on alcoholic beverages plays a key role in raising awareness around the negative health impacts of drinking alcohol.
Read more (Canada) - Alcohol Consumption is Less Popular for Gen Z: Studies
Whether you enjoy grabbing a drink with friends or going out to parties, alcohol consumption has been a pretty big part of socializing for generations – but new studies suggest that its far less common among Gen Zers.
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In Cyprus (Cyprus) - Alcohol and drug use among five major causes of fatal road accidents in 2022
Five are the major causes behind last year’s fatal road accidents in Cyprus which recorded a total of 37, according to the Police who are to carry out a new prevention campaign.
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Sky News Australia (Australia) - ‘A disaster’: Ending of NT alcohol bans having ‘catastrophic’ effect
Alice Springs Mayor Matt Paterson says the ending of the alcohol bans, which were enforced as part of the Stronger Futures legislation in the Northern Territory, is having a “catastrophic” effect.
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The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Ban extended on gatherings and sale of alcohol in Brussels' North Quarter
The mayor of Schaerbeek, Cécile Jodogne, has announced that the strict rules put in place in Brussels' North Quarter following several incidents of violence against police officers will be extended by another month.
Read more - Study Probes Awareness of Alcohol’s Link to Cancer
Numerous changes need to be made to raise public awareness of the fact that drinking alcohol raises the risk of several types of cancer. That’s a key conclusion from a new study conducted by an NCI research team.
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NordAN (Finland) - Survey: young people are concerned about the harm caused by alcohol - no need to liberalise alcohol
Young adults perceive the problems caused by alcohol in society to be greater than older age groups, according to a survey commissioned by EHYT ry. The majority of young people also believe that selling alcohol more freely than at present would increase both alcohol consumption and the harm caused by it.
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