Thursday, October 14, 2021

Alcohol News - 41/2021

The Conversation - Another Round? What really happens when you microdose alcohol
In Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s latest film, Another Round, friends Martin, Tommy, Peter and Nikolaj agree to conduct a little experiment: they will stay moderately drunk throughout the day to see how it affects their social and professional performance.
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USA Today - Why it's still so hard not to drink
Many Americans have a difficult time not drinking. There's a multitude of reasons – it's fun, it feels good, genetics, trauma, peer pressure, the pandemic.
Read more (USA) - Boom in home-delivered alcohol opens the door to underage drinking
A rapid expansion in online liquor delivery services is making it easier for minors to obtain alcohol, due to regulatory holes and non-compliance with legal requirements, say the authors of a study published today.
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CTV News Montreal (Canada) - Alcohol consumption down, but excessive drinking up among Quebecers: survey
A survey conducted last month on the alcohol consumption of Quebecers during the COVID-19 pandemic indicates for the first time that a trend reversal is taking place: more Quebecers reduced their consumption than increased it, but more people exceeded the recommended limits of alcohol intake.
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Belfast Live (Northern Ireland) - NI drug and alcohol group issue warning to young people on impact of 'harmful' caffeinated alcoholic drinks
Parents and young people have been warned about the dangers of caffeinated alcohol drinks which have “caffeine levels more than a double espresso”.
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iNews - Shift in attitudes sees rising number of people rejecting alcohol and socialising while sober, experts say
‘If you’ve ever been the nominated driver you can sympathise; when everyone else is drinking and you’re not it can be frustrating and boring – I thought, I can’t have this as my social life forever’
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Holyrood (Scotland) - An intoxicating mix: getting to grips with Scotland's addiction to alcohol
When July brought the devastating, though not entirely unexpected, news that in 2020 Scotland racked up a record number of drugs deaths there was no shortage of government ministers with platitudes to offer.
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eNCA (South Africa) - COVID-19 in SA | Spike in alcohol-related trauma cases in Western Cape
Western Cape hospitals are under increasing pressure after the move to lockdown level one.
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Simple Flying - Lufthansa Starts Charging For Alcohol On Long-Haul Flights
With the launch of its new ‘Onboard Delights Interkont’ catering concept, Lufthansa will begin charging for spirits in economy on long-haul flights
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol, MDMA, and cocaine most popular drugs used by Irish festival-goers, report shows
Alcohol, MDMA powder/crystals, ecstasy pills, and cocaine were the highest reported drugs used by Irish festival-goers, a new report shows.
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Mirage News (Australia) - Community organisations call on Victorian Parliament to prioritise preventing alcohol harm
The health and wellbeing of our communities will be at risk from increasing alcohol harm if the Victorian Parliament fails to amend the Liquor Control Reform Amendment Bill 2021 later this month.
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The Crime Report - Alcohol Abuse Linked to Greater Risk of Suicide by Gun Owners
A recent history of alcohol abuse more than doubles the risk that a handgun owner will take his own life, according to a new study.
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