Thursday, September 23, 2021

Alcohol News - 38/2021

Rising Kashmir - Why alcohol can trigger depression?
Alcohol can help you calm down, which makes it easier to communicate with others, especially if you are shy. The disadvantage is that it can render you unable to drive, operate machines, or make judgments.
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News Medical - Doubling excise duties could prevent alcohol-attributable cancers
In a recent modeling study, scientists at Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden have examined the impact of increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages on alcohol-attributable cancers in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region.
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USA Today (USA) - Americans are using alcohol to cope with pandemic stress: Nearly 1 in 5 report 'heavy drinking'
More than 18 months into the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., nearly 1 in 5 Americans is consuming an unhealthy amount of alcohol, a new survey suggests.
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Bloomberg (USA) - DeFazio Calls for End of ‘To-Go’ Alcohol Sales in Airports
The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is calling for airport bars to stop selling “to-go” alcoholic drinks, citing an uptick in the number of unruly passengers getting into altercations with airline staff.
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The Washington Post - Alcohol is such a problem airlines have added it to safety announcements — and banned it
Air travelers are hearing more than just announcements about seat belts, flotation devices, travel time and masks before they take off. Several airlines have added reminders about their alcohol policy during the pandemic — as in, don’t drink it if they didn’t serve it.
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GlobeNewsWire - Majority of '#Alcohol' Videos on TikTok Portray Drinking in a Positive Light: Study
An overwhelming number of popular TikTok videos that reference alcohol focus on its positive associations and ignore negative ones, according to a new study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
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Cardiovascular Business - Under the influence? Drinking alcohol may raise your risk of systemic hypertension
Consuming alcohol—even just one or two drinks per day—is associated with an elevated risk of stage 1 and stage 2 systemic hypertension (SH), according to new data published in the American Journal of Cardiology.
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The New Yorker - An Ex-Drinker’s Search for a Sober Buzz
Just inside the Athletic Brewing Company’s headquarters, in Stratford, Connecticut, there is a long wooden bar with a selection of non-alcoholic craft beers on tap.
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ERR News (Estonia) - Share of alcohol, tobacco tax in Estonia's state budget among largest in EU
The proportion of income from alcohol and tobacco excise duty in Estonia's state budget is among the largest in the European Union at almost 4.8 percent of the budget, a survey by the Foresight Center shows.
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The Guardian - Generation X are heavy, risky drinkers. Will anything ever persuade us to stop?
Alcohol’s allure was powerful when we were growing up and those born after us consume far less. Now booze is falling out of fashion, is it time to assess old habits?
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HR Dive - Pandemic could prompt reassessment of alcohol's role at work
Workplace discussions about alcohol were already influenced by societal stigmas and stereotypes, but the pandemic has put the subject front and center for many employers, the co-founders of U.K.-based nonprofit Bee Sober told attendees at the Society for Human Resource Management's 2021 annual xonference.
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Daily Express - Aspirin side effects: A serious disorder can occur if you drink large amounts of alcohol
ASPIRIN, like all medications, can cause side effects - most are considered mild. But drinking large amounts of alcohol when taking aspirin can lead to more serious consequences.
Read more (Zambia) - Calls to impose high alcohol prices grow louder amid abuse in Zambia
There have been growing calls to raise alcohol prices in the southern African country Zambia where alcohol abuse is sparking worries that it is eroding the moral fibers.
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Mental Welfare commission for Scotland - Living with alcohol related brain damage in Scotland – new report
A new report from the Mental Welfare Commission finds people with alcohol related brain damage living in care homes where they are much younger than other residents; compelled to live in a setting they would never choose.
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