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Alcohol News - 26/2021

WHO Europe - An adapted alcohol screening test will help to fight health harms in the Russian Federation and beyond
WHO/Europe has presented a new package of Russian- and English-language materials to help primary health-care workers in many countries of the eastern part of the WHO European Region to identify patients with risky drinking behaviours.
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8KPAX (USA) - Health officials warn dangers of excessive alcohol consumption during extreme heatwave
Health officials are warning the public of the dangers of consuming too much alcohol while out recreating in lakes and rivers during this extreme heatwave.
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Healio - More alcohol policies lead to lower alcohol-related liver disease in Latin American countries
Researchers found Latin American countries with more alcohol policies had lower alcohol consumption per capita, deaths due to traffic injuries and alcohol-associated cirrhosis, according to a presenter at the International Liver Congress.
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Greatist - Psoriasis and Alcohol: Can Beer Before Liquor Make Your Skin Sicker?
For people with psoriasis, the most solid advice seems to be to go easy on the alcohol to avoid the potential risks. Drinking alcohol — even in small amounts — may cause flare-ups, reduce the effectiveness of treatments, and make symptoms worse.
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Yale News - Fetal alcohol exposure data underscore need for public health interventions
While alcohol consumption during pregnancy may result in harm to developing embryos and fetuses, a new study led by the Yale School of Public health finds that a significant number of pregnancies that result in live birth still involve alcohol exposure.
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Dutch News (Nethelrands) - Cheers! ‘Stunt’ alcohol promotions banned from July 1
There will be no more ‘two for the price of one’ crates of beer on sale in the Netherlands from next week, whatever the results of the football.
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Hit Network (Australia) - Is Dry July Becoming The Normal? More Aussies Opting For Alcohol-Free Alternatives
Since 2008, the Dry July Foundation has raised more than $60 million for people affected by cancer. In the name of fundraising, approximately 200,000 Australians have opted to go sober in July throughout the campaigns history. But the charity couldn't have foreseen the recent shift to Australia's drinking culture, with more Aussies choosing to drink alcohol-free alternatives.
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The South African (South Africa) - Lockdown level 4 latest: Curfew and alcohol ban to be strictly enforced
The movement and sale of alcohol, the policing of the curfew and mask wearing will form part the Kwazulu-Natal government’s heightened Alert Level-4 Lockdown enforcement plan across the province.
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The Herald (Scotland) - Cigarette-style health warnings on alcohol 'change drinking behaviour'
A new world-wide study has found that large alcohol labelling using negative health warnings similar to that used on cigarette packets could help people change their drinking habits.
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The Canberra Times (Australia) - Australians urged to do Dry July for cancer research as alcohol rises during Covid
Australians are being urged to go dry this July to help create better lives for people affected by cancer as new data shows alcohol consumption rose during Covid-hit 2020.
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Public Health Scotland (Scotland) - Initial report published on the impact of MUP on people who are dependent on alcohol and accessing treatment
Public Health Scotland today published early findings from a study of the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) on people who are dependent on alcohol and are accessing treatment services.
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Norwich Evening News (UK) - Council to explore if it could stop city gambling and junk food adverts
Council leaders are to explore what powers they could wield to ban advertisements for fast food, gambling and other "harmful" products around Norwich.
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