Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Alcohol News - 51/2020

The Hill (USA) - US government rejects scientific advisors' recommendations on alcohol and sugar consumption
The U.S. government on Tuesday announced new recommended dietary guidelines that reportedly did not make any changes to the amount of sugar and alcohol consumption recommended for Americans, despite a scientific panel advising otherwise.
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CBS New York - Those Coping With Coronavirus Pandemic By Drinking More Alcohol Should Consider A ‘Dry January’
It was a year like no other, so a January reset could be just the trick to forget 2020. One new trend that has gotten very popular in the last few years is giving up alcohol for the first month of the new year, CBS2’s Nick Caloway reported Tuesday.
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The Brussels Times - Brexit: New Year signals end of cross-channel ‘booze cruise’
The first day of January signals the end of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, and brings an end also to the long tradition of hopping across the Channel to stock up on cigarettes and alcohol.
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Bloomberg (South Africa) - Virus Resurgence Spurs South Africa to Ban Alcohol Sales
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a renewed ban on alcohol sales and extended a curfew in a bid to contain the fallout from a second wave of coronavirus infections that have pushed the cumulative caseload past the one million mark.
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Newstalk (Ireland) – 13% of motorists got behind the wheel the morning after drinking alcohol
An AA Ireland poll found, that at some point during the last two years, 13pc of motorists got behind the wheel the morning after drinking alcohol. Mark chats to Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs for AA Ireland.
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Euro Weekly News (Spain) - Alicante: Campaign to warn of alcohol consumption risks during Christmas
THE Department of Education of Alicante launches a campaign to warn of the risks of alcohol consumption among young people and adults during Christmas.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Disquiet over nation's health as Scots hit the bottle during lockdown
Almost one in four drinkers in Scotland are guzzling alcohol at increasing or high risk levels during the Covid-19 pandemic leading to serious concerns about the health of the nation in lockdown.
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Deseret News (USA) - Utah’s 0.05% DUI law turns 2, and it’s time other states follow süit
It’s been two years since Utah implemented a 0.05% blood alcohol content DUI law, and it’s high time other states follow its lead. The strictest DUI law in the nation came with a lot of noise and a host of dismal prophecies about Utah’s tourism and entertainment industry, all of which have been torn to shreds.
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Canberra Times (Australia) - Aussies warned to go easy on NYE alcohol
Health experts are reminding Aussies of alcohol-related risks and encouraging a safe and healthy December 31 celebration.
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Alcohol Change (UK) - Drink-refusal skills: how to say no to an alcoholic drink
A key skill for taking part in Dry January is learning how to say no to alcoholic drinks. And that skill will stand you in brilliant stead for drinking more healthily and happily year-round.
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