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FASD News - 49/2019 (Canada) - Adults in the N.W.T. can soon get diagnosed at a new FASD clinic
Eric Wardell has long suspected he has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), but he's never been diagnosed. The 51-year-old who lives in Yellowknife says he's been told by relatives his mother drank when he was in​​ the womb.
National Health Executive (UK) - Foetal disorder research set to be ‘best data in UK’
A research fellow from the University of Salford is currently working on what could be the ‘best data’ in the UK on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).
UMM News, Sports & Events (USA) - Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy in Native Youth
A UMD public health faculty member has been collaborating with several Northern Plains American Indian tribes to address the problem of alcohol-exposed pregnancies (AEPs) in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) women.
East Village Magazine (USA) - Neurodevelopmental Center for Excellence marks first year of helping Flint kids
In the spring of 2018 the case was settled for the plaintiffs and the funds became available: $3 million allowed the start-up of the Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence (NCE), an expansion of GHS assessment services for autism and fetal alcohol syndrome.
The News Journal (USA) - Instead of stigma, these babies exposed to drugs and alcohol found open arms
Three sets of tiny eyes looked up at Erin Meyer and Sandra Medinilla that Friday morning around their kitchen island. The first pair belonged to caramel-skinned 3-year-old Xavier and his permanent slight smile.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol lobby says new pregnancy warning labels 'too expensive'
The alcohol lobby has launched a fresh offensive against the regulator's mandatory pregnancy warning labels, claiming it will cost manufacturers $600 million to redesign their products.
ABC15 Arizona (USA) - New non-profit treats newborns with substance exposure
Jo and Brain Jones are describing the end of their 2019 as, "a little surreal." That's because their non-profit Jacob's Hope, named after their late adopted son is now caring for their very first baby.
Two doctoral students in behavioral neuroscience have received prestigious NIH National Research Service Awards from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).
At #DRYMESTER, we’re encouraging mums-to-be to go alcohol free for the duration of their pregnancy as this is the safest approach for a healthy pregnancy. We’re also asking families, friends and local communities to get on board and show their support for mums-to-be this Christmas. - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Dysmorphic)
It is well-known that drinking can harm fetal development during pregnancy. This can include the earliest stages of pregnancy, so drinking at all while attempting to become pregnant can be harmful to the child.

Health Nexus Santé - W25-E Webinar: FASD and the Role of ECEs in the Prevention of FASD
Develop a basic understanding of FASD including prevalence, diagnosis and FASD-Informed Approaches. Learn about the most effective ways to prevent or reduce the incidence of FASD with parents and the young children they work with, as well as the larger community.
NOFASD Australia - Building Carer Resilience #1 - Eileen Devine
Managing the Toll of Caregiver Trauma and Building Resiliency in Families Impacted by FASD. NOFASD Australia has partnered with FASD specialist Eileen Devine to provide a 3-part web series on building resilience for parents and carers of those living with FASD.
Alive People - Courts no place for fetal alcohol victims
When Teina Pora’s appeal was upheld by the Privy Council in 2015, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) gained a rare moment in the spotlight.
Werry Workforce Whāraurau - Champions’ Forum - Michelle Brewerton, Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui, FASD
Hosted by Werry Workforce Whāraurau, SPHC: Supporting Parents Healthy Children Champions' Forum 2019

Bioelectricity - Preventing Ethanol-Induced Brain and Eye Morphology Defects Using Optogenetics
These results, particularly the last, raise the exciting possibility of using bioelectric modulation to treat ethanol-induced brain and eye birth defects, possibly with extant ion channel drugs already prescribed to pregnant women. This may prove to be a simple and cost-effective strategy for reducing the impact of FASD.
University of Calgary - A profile of young Albertans with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
These findings provide evidence that collaborative programming, resourcing and planning may enhance service delivery and improve outcomes for children with FASD in Alberta.
Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity - Recent developments in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The current review highlights recent publications from January 2018 to August 2019 showing continued medical advancement in improving the care for children and families affected by FASD. - FASD Costs: Evidence from Hawaii Medicaid Data
We find evidence that the number of initial conditions is positively associated with the number of visits and accumulated medical costs and that 20% of the patients are responsible for 85.85% of the total spending.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Distribution of Phosphatidylethanol in Maternal and Fetal Compartments after Chronic Gestational Binge Alcohol Exposure
All major PEth homologues were detected in maternal and fetal blood following chronic gestational binge alcohol exposure; homologue distribution profiles were tissue specific.
Children and Youth Services Review - Identifying Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and psychiatric comorbidity for Children and Youth in Care: A community approach to diagnosis and treatment
This study supports the utility of an integrated community approach to diagnosing and treating comorbid psychiatric disorders in FASD by employing existing child protection and physician services in a community setting.
Forensic Scholars Today - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors: A Guide for Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health Professionals
These examples provide detailed descriptions of the various areas of functioning affected by FASD and how this can result in different kinds of inappropriate sexual behaviors resulting in involvement in both the mental health and criminal justice systems.
International Medico-Legal Reporter Journal - Alcohol Consumption in Women during Pregnancy and Lactation
This review gives you the detailed study about how the pregnant can get harm by the alcohol during pregnancy.
Bioethics - Abortion is incommensurable with fetal alcohol syndrome
A recent article argued for the immorality of abortion regardless of personhood status by comparing the impairment caused by fetal alcohol syndrome to the impairment caused by abortion.
Disability and Health Journal - Mental health outcomes among parents of a child who has a developmental disability: Comparing different types of developmental disability
These findings are important for understanding families which include a child with a DD, as a guide for future research, and for developing effective programs and services for these parents.
Health & Place - My partner and my neighbourhood: The built environment and social networks’ impact on alcohol consumption during early pregnancy
Interventions and recommendations should include an ecological perspective on prenatal community-health programs – focusing on individual, social, and natural factors as well as the built environment.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Effects of maternal binge alcohol consumption on emotional, cognitive and addictive behaviour in mice
Maternal alcohol binge drinking during pregnancy can be deleterious for the developing foetus, leading to a wide range of long-lasting morphological and neurobehavioural disabilities known as foetal alcohol spectrum disorders, associated with a higher risk of developing substance use disorders later in life.
Midwifery - Barriers and facilitators in antenatal settings to screening and referral of pregnant women who use alcohol or other drugs: A qualitative study of midwives’ experience
Availability of a multidisciplinary team, funds and specialised care facilities such as detoxification and mental health services, especially in regional and rural areas, are necessary to effectively support at-risk pregnant women.
SMAD, Rev. Eletrônica Saúde Mental Álcool Drog. - The use of alcoholic beverage among pregnant teens
The need for actions to prevent alcohol use during gestation and the relevance of the role of nurses in the integral follow-up during prenatal care is reafirmed.
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine - In utero teratogen exposure and cardiometabolic risk in 5-year-old children: a prospective pediatric study
Children exposed to both maternal smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy presented with cardiometabolic risk factors 5 years after birth. In addition, maternal adiposity, male sex, and low birth weight were associated with higher IMT at age 5 years.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth - Alcohol use, pregnancy and associated risk factors: a pilot cross-sectional study of pregnant women attending prenatal care in an urban city
Alcohol consumption is prevalent in the periconceptional period and during pregnancy in pregnant women attending prenatal care in Zambia. Findings underscore the need for targeted alcohol use screening and intervention for pregnant women.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence - Alcohol use and binge drinking among U.S. men, pregnant and non-pregnant women ages 18–44: 2002–2017
Drinking increased in U.S. women ages 21–44, but not those who were pregnant. Increases in women and continuing high rates in men indicate the need for better public health efforts.

Healthnews (Germany) - Alkohol ist schuld an zahlreichen angeborenen Behinderungen
Der Deutsche Verband der Ergotherapeuten (DVE) warnt vor Alkoholkonsum, denn dieser gehört in Deutschland zu den häufigsten Ursachen für geistige Beeinträchtigungen bei Nachkommen.
Wirtualna Bogatynia (Poland) - Wernisaż wystawy "Ciąża bez alkoholu"
W ramach bogatyńskich działań, związanych z Gminnym Programem Profilaktyki i Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych, Gminna Komisja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych, Biblioteka Publiczna oraz Grupa BG Flesh włączyła się w kampanię opracowując ulotki, bilbordy, plakaty oraz wystawę, której wernisaż odbędzie się 17 stycznia 2020 roku o godzinie 17:00 w Bibliotece Publicznej Miasta i Gminy w Bogatyni.
RP ONLINE (Germany) - Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft - die große Gefahr für werdende Mütter
Trinken werdende Mütter während der Schwangerschaft Alkohol, gefährden sie ihr Baby massiv. Mit den Spätschäden müssen sich Kind und Eltern für den Rest ihres Lebens auseinandersetzen.

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