Thursday, August 8, 2019

Alcohol News - 32/2019

WPVI-TV - Study: Alcohol and nicotine before bed are 'sleep thieves'
After tracking the sleep habits of nearly 800 African American volunteers, a team at Florida Atlantic University concluded that a drink within 4 hours of bedtime cuts the time asleep by 1 percent and nicotine cut it by 1.74 percent more.
The Guardian (Australia) - 'Alcohol industry fingerprints all over' Australia's plan to tackle overdrinking
Alcohol industry lobbying has undermined Australia’s key plan to tackle alcohol-related harm, a new report suggests.
Refinery29 - Drink Ruined My Life: 3 Young Women On Alcoholism
How many times have you woken up, head pounding, and promised yourself: Never again? Most of us are familiar with the killer hangovers, mystery bruises and nauseous feelings of remorse that come with overdoing it on the booze. (Latvia) - LTA: alcohol prices in Latvia have yet to decline and there is a reason for this
Although the excise tax on alcohol was reduced by 15% on 1 August, prices have yet to drop. This is because it is necessary to sell alcoholic drinks that were procured with the previous excise tax, explains Latvian Traders Association (LTA).
Baltic Times (Latvia) - Maxima encourages moderation as alcohol prices fall
During the summer holiday and festival season, Maxima reminds its customers to consume alcohol responsibly during their leisure time, regardless of the reduction in alcohol prices due to changes to excise duty on strong alcoholic beverages.
The Conversation UK - Type 2 diabetes: small reduction in alcohol, big reduction in heart disease risk
People with type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.
ERR News (Estonia/Finland) - Minister: Excise duty reduction has increased alcohol sales to north
Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) said on Thursday that as a result of lowering excise duty rates on alcohol, sales on Estonia's northern border have increased, indicating that Finnish tourists are once again buying more alcohol to take back with them from Estonia.
Active Quote (UK) - Alcohol ‘epidemic’ not being tackled due to cuts, say experts
A ‘national epidemic’ of alcohol problems is not being tackled due to massive cuts to rehabilitation services, researchers have warned.
ScotPHO (Scotland) - Alcohol: availability, affordability and consumption
Levels of alcohol consumption can be estimated based on sales data or survey self-reports. It is well known that self-report surveys underestimate how much people drink (Goddard, 2004; Catto & Gibbs, 2008).
Cancer Council (Australia) - Reasons to stay dry beyond July
With last week marking the end of Dry July, the temptation is to pick up a drink and celebrate, but it’s important not to fall back into old habits. Limiting your alcohol intake or, better still, avoiding it altogether reduces your risk of cancer.
Deutche Welle - World in Progress: Big Alcohol taps Africa
Big international alcohol companies are now targeting the African continent. With sales stagnating in Europe and the US, Africa's growing middle class, and young people in particular, are being tapped as the market of the future.
The Guardian (Germany) - Drunk riding fuels call for Oktoberfest curbs on e-scooters
Politicians in Munich are calling for the use of e-scooters to be restricted during Oktoberfest in response to number of people being caught using the newly-legal vehicles while drunk.

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