Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Alcohol News -15/2018

CNBC (USA) - The ‘Mad Men’ days are over as ad group WPP bans drinking alcohol in the office
The rattle of the drinks trolley will no longer be heard at companies belonging to ad agency group WPP as it has banned drinking in the office.
AOL UK (UK) - Airline passengers could be forced to keep alcohol in sealed bags
All alcohol bought at airport shops could be placed in sealed bags in a crackdown on disruption by drunken passengers.
The Guardian - Tax sugar, alcohol and tobacco to help the poor, say experts
So called “sin taxes” on sugary drinks, alcohol and tobacco not only work, but will help rather than unduly penalise the poor, according to a major new international analysis.
The Lancet - The Lancet Taskforce on NCDs and economics
The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.4 commits countries to reducing by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
Science Daily - Nicotine-imbibing teenage rats show an increased risk for drinking alcohol as adults
Rats who were dosed with nicotine during their adolescence grew up to drink alcohol more often than those who weren't exposed to nicotine or were only exposed to it during adulthood. (Ireland) - Testing mothers for alcohol consumption during pregnancy could reduce risk to babies
A proposal calling for alcohol testing during pregnancy was passed at the Irish Medical Organisation’s annual conference last weekend.
Gizmodo (USA) - The NIH's Cozy Relationship With Big Alcohol Is Bad for Science
The National Institutes of Health is facing more allegations that it’s in Big Alcohol’s corner.
The Hub-LA (USA) - Experts say Millennials have a troubled relationship with alcohol
Millennials, typically defined as those born between 1980 and 1996, may be at a greater risk for developing alcohol use disorder or alcoholism. According to a report by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, nearly a third – 31% – of alcoholics in America are young adults.  
CTV News (Canada) - Fetal alcohol disorder more prevalent than previously thought: study
A new study suggests fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is more common than previously thought – and may even be more common than autism.
UNSW (Australia) - Alcopops tax cuts drinking and harm
A new NDARC study found that the introduction of an alcopop tax has significantly reduced alcohol-related harm among young Australians, writes Carleen Frost.
Stuff (New Zealand) - City councillors do U-turn, decide against new Christchurch alcohol policy for now
City councillors have U-turned on creating a Christchurch alcohol policy by deciding not to pursue a new version of the controversial plan for the time being.
Iceland Review (Iceland) - Iceland Considers Allowing Alcohol and Tobacco Ads
The Ministry of Education and Culture is considering lifting the ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products, RÚV reports. A majority of the committee on independent media proposed the change, publishing a report on the matter this past January.
UNDP - ‘Jane Walker’: Appropriating women’s rights to sell more booze
To celebrate Women’s History Month in March, alcohol giant Diageo has given the world Jane Walker: a female version of its Johnnie Walker whisky brand. “In recognition of women who lead the way,” the company says on its website, “We are unveiling Jane Walker, the first-ever female iteration of the brand’s iconic Striding Man logo.”
Times Argus - Health Talk: Alcohol and the brain awareness
Children do not always acknowledge alcohol as a harmful substance because their parents and other role models commonly use it as part of their lifestyle. Underage drinking typically leads to engaging in high-risk behaviors and increases the likelihood of over consuming alcohol as an adult.
Prevention - 10 Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Every Drinker Needs to Know
So you had a little too much to drink—again. As long as you’re not driving, is it really that big of a deal? The answer is a big, fat yes.
StopColonCancerNow - Alcohol Increases Risk of Colon Polyps, Colon Cancer
The truth is, for those of us who drink alcohol, consumption can add up quickly. We might just be drinking more than we realize – completely unaware that we are increasing our risk of cancer. The World Health Organization says as many as 25 percent of cancers worldwide may be attributable to alcohol consumption.
News Medical - Positive lifestyle changes could reduce risk of developing cancer
There are many factors that determine your likelihood of developing cancer, including age, genetic predisposition and lifestyle.
NIAAA - NIAAA Scientists Provide More Evidence that Binge Drinking May Indicate Vulnerability to Alcohol Use Disorder
An NIAAA study shows that people who drink socially and have certain risk factors for alcohol use disorder (AUD) self-administer more alcohol and at a faster rate during a single laboratory session of alcohol consumption than people at low risk for developing AUD.

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