Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Alcohol News - 9/2018 - Dementia study SHOCK - Experts warn link to alcohol could be WORSE than thought
AUTHORS of a dramatic dementia study which provides a strong link between alcohol abuse and early onset of the degenerative illness have claimed the reality could be much worse than we think.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Alcohol must cost at least 50p per unit in Scotland, minister rules
Scotland’s health secretary, Shona Robison, has confirmed that all alcoholic drinks in Scotland must cost at least 50p per unit of alcohol from May this year.
The Guardian (Australia) - NT puts minimum price on alcohol in Australian first
A minimum price will be set for alcohol in the Northern Territory under sweeping legislative reforms that are the first such move of their kind in Australia.
The Western Star (Canada) - Canadian program providing alcohol to heavy drinkers envied by Scotland
A radical treatment that provides daily doses of alcohol to people struggling with problem drinking in several Canadian cities is getting attention from other countries wanting to emulate its success.
The Times (UK) - Cheaper alcohol boosts calls for minimum prices
Beer sold in supermarkets is 22 per cent cheaper in effect than it was five years ago, increasing the pressure for minimum unit pricing, campaigners say.
Newshub (New Zealand) - 'Supermarket owners are the biggest drug dealers in the country' - Alcohol Action NZ
A lobby group says the only way to stop Kiwis drinking excessively is to raise the tax on liquor.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Barriers to shield children from alcohol ‘are too short’
New barriers to shield children from alcohol in shops and supermarkets will have little impact as they will be no taller than a 7-year-old, the National Off-license Association association has warned.
The Times (Scotland) - Advice on alcohol in pregnancy ignored
More than half of women in Scotland were drinking alcohol at about the time they became pregnant, despite advice warning against consuming any when trying to conceive, a survey found.
PerthNow (Australia) - Alcohol-related disease kills almost 6000 people in Australia every year: WA study
ALCOHOL-related diseases are being blamed for causing the deaths of nearly 6000 Australians each year.
The Ticker - Study Confirms Alcohol Consumption Increases Aggression
People drink alcohol on various occasions in their lives. They may drink to celebrate their birthdays or to release a long week’s stress on a Friday night. However, scientists have become more aware that drinking alcohol is linked to aggression.
euronews (Lithuania) - The world’s biggest drinkers meet the EU’s toughest alcohol laws
On a Friday night a team of two police officers and three officials from the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department (DTACD), carry out a number of raids in Lithuania's second largest city, Kaunas.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Fewer alcohol-related visits to inner Sydney emergency room since ‘lockout laws’ introduced
The emergency room at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital has seen a 10% reduction in the incidence of fractures that are often caused by a punch to the face over the two years since the so-called “lockout laws” were introduced.
High North News (Greenland) - New Alcohol Act Shall Prevent Abuse and Care Neglect
A new Alcohol Act on Greenland aims to prevent abuse on several levels. – It is the way we drink that creates problems, says Health Consultant Kasper Brix B√¶rndt of Greenland’s Health Department.
Global Government Forum (Russia) - Russian alcohol restrictions cut crime by 20%, study finds
Russian anti-alcohol policies have produced a significant decline in juvenile and adult crimes, according to new report.
The Local (France) - Health risk or national treasure? Why France is warring over wine
Should wine be given special treatment over other alcohols when it comes to health? France's outspoken health minister said 'no', but then came the backlash.
ETSC (Switzerland) - Swiss cancellation of alcohol interlock programme will make road safety targets harder to reach
The Swiss parliament has voted to cancel the planned introduction of alcohol interlocks for drink-driving offenders in Switzerland in a move described by Swiss road safety experts as ‘incomprehensible’.

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