Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Alcohol News - 51/2016

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty (Russia) - Putin Demands Curbs On Surrogate Alcohol After 62 Die In Siberia
Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded restrictions on the sale of surrogate alcohol after at least 62 people died in the Siberian city of Irkutsk from drinking bath lotion.
The Age (Australia) - Drownings: Safety authorities urge paddlers to steer clear of alcohol after review of paddler deaths
Kayakers and other paddlers have been urged to keep off their craft if they've been drinking alcohol, after a review of paddling deaths in Victoria since 2000 found almost one in three of the dead had been drinking.
Wall Street Journal - ‘Risky Drinking’ Explores the Hidden Dangers of Casual Alcohol Use
“Are you a risky drinker?” asks a new HBO documentary by award-winning filmmakers Perri Peltz and Ellen Goosenberg Kent. Airing Dec. 19, “Risky Drinking” tells the story of four drinkers from different demographics with problems of varying levels of severity, from the twenty-something weekend binger who dresses as “Tinderella” for Halloween, to the sufferer of end stage alcohol abuse.
Medical Xpress - Study investigates genetic, environmental factors in alcohol use disorder and divorce
Alcohol use disorder and divorce are strongly correlated, meaning that experiencing one makes it more likely to experience the other in one's lifetime, according to a new study led by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University. - Once alcohol-free, Disney's Magic Kingdom to expand beer, wine sales
It was big news in 2012 when Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom broke a 41-year tradition to sell beer and wine in one restaurant. Now the most-visited theme park on the planet is expanding alcohol sales into four more sit-down restaurants starting next week.
Waikato Times (New Zealand) - One in four hospital ED admissions related to alcohol
A warning from a top emergency doctor as Kiwis approach the silly season, with new stats showing one in four admissions are due to booze.
Scoop (New Zealand) - Alcohol is no ordinary commodity – It’s official!
The Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Alistair Humphrey, has triumphed in a landmark case in the Court of Appeal, which means supermarkets can only display alcohol in separate designated areas, away from checkouts and entrances. - Facebook Tests Letting People Block Alcohol or Parenting Ads to Avoid Stirring Painful Memories
Facebook wants to help some people avoid ads that might upset them, and is updating ad controls to do that. (USA) - Alcohol Abuse Increasing Among Older Adults
Alcohol abuse among adults age 50 and older is increasing, according to a report published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.
The Sun (UK) - Over 6,400 British troops treated for alcohol abuse in the last four years and 170 developed mental health problems
New government figures show that since 2012 the equivalent of 10 infantry battalions of soldiers have required medical treatment for drinking too much booze.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Alcohol and drug use exacerbate family violence and can be dealt with
Domestic violence is a widely discussed issue in Australia. However, many narratives fail to acknowledge the impact of alcohol and illicit substances on the prevalence and severity of domestic violence. They also fail to adequately describe the complexity of violence that occurs within families.
BBC News (UK) - Send heavy drinkers for liver scan, GPs told
Women who regularly drink more than three-and-a-half bottles of wine a week should get their livers checked, says new draft advice for England.
Daily Mail (Australia) - 'Scary' research that shows increasing numbers of Australian children are trying drugs and alcohol at just TWELVE
Children are trying drugs and alcohol at a younger age, with many having their first experience at just 12. In 2003, children were waiting until they were 16 to start experimenting with drugs. - Poor body image in teen girls leads to more alcohol consumption: study
A new study out of Tufts University has found that teen girls with body image issues are more likely to drink alcohol. (New Zealand) - Liquor laws failing to protect those vulnerable to alcohol-related harm
Liquor laws promising to increase community control of alcohol use are failing under the weight of the alcohol industry, a new report shows.
Morning Advertiser (UK) - NHS Health Survey: 31% of men drink above recommended guidelines
More men than women drink above the recommended alcohol guidelines on a weekly basis, latest NHS health statistics have revealed.

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