Thursday, October 6, 2016

Alcohol News - 40/2016

The Telegraph (UK) - Alcohol now so cheap 13 pints can be bought for price of cinema ticket
Teenagers are able to buy more than 13 pints of cider for the price of a cinema ticket, according to a new report which says children are being put at risk by “pocket money prices.”
Medical Xpress - Drinking alcohol during puberty is associated with future psychological disorders
Alcohol consumption onset between 11 and 13 years old is associated with an increased risk of psychological disorders in the future, according to a study conducted by the Complutense University of Madrid. The most common symptoms of more than 3,000 adolescents who participated in the research were bodily discomfort, hostility and aggression.
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) - Hong Kong children drinking alcohol as young as 10, study finds
Younger people are starting to drink at just 10 years old, according to a new survey, renewing calls to strengthen regulation around the sale of alcohol to people aged below 18 years old.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Scotland to introduce alcohol testing and GPS tracking for tagged offenders
Offenders could have their sweat tested for alcohol or have their movements tracked using GPS tagging under community sentencing plans announced by the Scottish government. (Netherlands) - The bill for alcohol use adds up to €2.5bn, says ministry
Alcohol costs the Netherlands a net €2.5 billion a year, according to a report published by the health ministry.
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The Guardian (Australia) - Alcohol: lockout laws substantially reduce violence, review finds
Lockout laws and restrictions on the sale of alcohol in late-night venues might be controversial but they substantially reduce rates of violence, a major international review has found.
Irish Times (Ireland) - One in three motorcyclists who died in crashes had drunk alcohol – study
A third of motorcyclists who died in crashes during a five-year period examined by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), drank alcohol before the collision.
Wall Street Journal (USA) - How Parents Can Curb Alcohol and Drug Use by Teens
A startling government report says about 40% of U.S. full-time college students engaged in binge drinking in the past month.
Medical Daily - Drinking In Bars: Loud Music May Cause You To Drink More Alcohol Than If You Were In A Quiet Setting
Bars and drinking go together like peanut butter and jelly, and now there may be a scientific reason for why. According to a study published earlier this month in the journal Food Quality and Preferences, sound can influence how much alcohol you end up drinking, and music may lead you to drink more than you would in a quieter environment.
Russia Beyond the Headlines (Russia) - Russian police want to introduce ‘idiot test’ for drunk drivers
Russia's traffic police reportedly are considering new options for assessing the intoxication levels of drivers, including best practices like the 'idiot test' from Germany. (UK) - Teenage British girls more likely to get drunk than boys – study
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) study found 31% of 15-year-old girls reported having been drunk at least twice compared with 26% of boys of the same age.

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