Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alcohol News - 22/2015

TIME (USA) - Alcohol Problems Affect About 33 Million U.S. Adults
About 14% of U.S. adults have alcohol-related problems, according to new data on Americans’ drinking behaviors.
BBC News (UK) - The BMA calls for ban on alcohol ads at children's events
The British Medical Association (BMA) in Scotland has called for alcohol advertising at events aimed at children to be banned.
EurActiv (EU) - Health NGOs walk out of EU alcohol forum
Twenty public health organisations have resigned from the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF), a stakeholder platform, to protest against the European Commission's refusal to submit a new alcohol strategy.
Daily Mail (UK) - Drinking wine at home is putting thousands more women in hospital, experts warn as report says UK has a 'chronic drink problem'
Women drinking at home are fuelling the nation’s chronic problem with alcohol, experts warned. Hospital admissions directly linked to alcohol grew three times quicker among women than among men last year, according to figures released by Public Health England yesterday. (USA) - Governor blocks baby pictures on beer bottles
Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan on Tuesday vetoed a measure that would have allowed some images of minors to grace alcoholic beverage labels as long as they didn’t encourage young people to drink.
Daily Mail - The dangers of smoking cannabis when drinking: Alcohol increases amount of the drug's 'high inducing' ingredient in the blood
Smoking cannabis while drinking alcohol intensifies the ‘high’, according to new research. Inhaling marijuana after drinking increases the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the drug’s main psychoactive ingredient, in the blood, a study found.
Youth Health Magzine (UK) - In the UK, Alcohol Will Kill More Women than Men
Britain is becoming more addicted to drinking. Interestingly, between men and women, the latter are more likely to die faster.
MedPage Today - Kids Drink Less With More Restrictive Alcohol Policies
Lower levels of youth drinking and binge drinking were associated with more stringent policies on alcohol, according to a longitudinal study that combined data from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys with an independent examination of state-level alcohol policies.
The UCSD Guardian Online - Study Shows Impact of Alcohol on Teen Brains
UCSD researchers recently conducted a study analyzing how alcohol affects the teenage brain, including its impact on test performance. Their findings were published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia) - Mostly men leaving bars are dying from alcohol
This stems from the revelations of scientists from the Comenius University’s Jessenius Faculty of Medicine located in Martin (JLF UK), who collected information from 14,161 autopsies carried out during 20 years. In 2,317 cases people had more than 2 parts per thousand of alcohol in their body.
The Local - Drunk passengers force SAS alcohol rule change
Scandinavian airline SAS has announced new guidelines designed to limit passengers travelling within Europe to three alcoholic drinks per flight, following problems with drunk passengers last summer.
Government Technology (USA) - Alaska Agency Uses App to Monitor Alcohol Offenders
The app leads users through coping strategies, monitors how often they drink, identifies “triggers” and gives weekly feedback reports tracking their progress in kicking bad habits.
Medical Xpress - Restricting firearms access for people who misuse alcohol may prevent violence
Restricting access to firearms for people who misuse alcohol could prevent firearm violence, but policies that more clearly define alcohol misuse should be developed to facilitate enforcement, according to a review of existing research and public policies by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.
Bustle (UK) - How Much Alcohol Do We Really Drink? More Than We Probably Think, Says Study
Have you ever stopped to wonder how much you actually drink? Well, it turns out that it might be more than you think. A new survey recently conducted in England found that self-reported consumption of alcohol only accounts for about 60 percent of alcohol sales in the country.
Planet F1 - Todt won't back alcohol ban
Jean Todt has revealed the FIA won't be pushing for a ban on the advertising of alcohol in F1 as it is "not possible."
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol price controls 'vital in tackling rising abuse'
Price controls must form a vital weapon in Ireland's battle to tackle alcohol abuse, according to a leading addiction expert.
AzerNews (Azerbaijan) - Azerbaijan raises fine for underage alcohol selling
Azerbaijan’s Parliament has increased the fine for the offence of underage alcohol and tobacco selling in an effort to curb underage drinking and smoking.

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