Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alcohol News - 20/2015

3News NZ (New Zealand) - Doctors stand united against alcohol abuse
Doctors are taking a stand against the Government's hands-off approach to tackling alcohol-related harm, saying it's time to look at raising the drinking age back to 20 and bumping up prices.
University Herald - Teen Sleep Patterns Linked To Alcohol, Marijuana Use
New research suggests that teens with sleep problems are more likely to have use drugs and alcohol than teens who have better sleep patterns.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Prison drug and alcohol addiction services for review
Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has commissioned a review of the drugs and alcohol treatment services available to criminal offenders and people on probation.
Medical News Today - Alcohol use in first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy may lead to permanent brain changes in offspring
It is well established that consuming alcohol during pregnancy can cause harm to the fetus. Now, a new study finds that drinking alcohol as early as 3-4 weeks into pregnancy - before many women even realize they are expecting - may alter gene functioning in the brains of offspring, leading to long-term changes in brain structure.
Psychiatry Advisor - Epigenetic Marker May ID Future Alcohol-Use Disorder
The first evidence for an epigenetic marker associated with alcohol consumption and its underlying neurobehavioral phenotype has been uncovered, according to research presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - My problem with your drinking: Australia’s hate-love relationship with alcohol
In this year’s annual alcohol poll, 34% of Australians said they drink to get drunk, 43% said they had vomited as a result of drinking and 75% said Australia has a problem with excess drinking or alcohol abuse.
Derry Now - Alcohol is 'killing far too many of us': McLaughlin
Alcohol is “killing far too many of us,” Foyle Sinn Fein MLA Maeve McLaughin has said. Ms McLaughlin, chairperson of the Assembly Health Committee, was commenting on results of a “Drink Think” survey which revealed 68% of 12-17 year olds in Derry have tried alcohol.
Times of India (India) - Indians drinking alcohol up 55% in 20 years
A global study has found out that alcohol consumption in India has risen by 55% over a period of 20 years. More worryingly, the young are getting initiated to alcohol much earlier, while more women are indulging in hazardous and binge drinking.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - Judge: NZ courts ill-equipped for foetal alcohol cases
What's Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)? Had our courts known the answer twenty years ago, Teina Pora would have likely led a very different life.
U.S. News & World Report (USA) - The Dangers of 'Overage' Drinking
"Having another" can often go unnoticed or ignored when it's an older adult who's doing the drinking. After all, Grandpa's lived a long life and shouldn't be denied his own "cough medicine."
YLE News (Finland) - Finland sobering up as alcohol consumption declines
Total alcohol consumption in Finland fell last year, continuing a long-term trend. The drop was 4 percent compared to 2013, with liqueurs, spirits and cider seeing the biggest reduction in popularity. Even beer, Finns’ favourite alcoholic beverage, was a little less favoured than before. (UK) - Countries with the most and least tax on beer and wine
We're among the heaviest drinkers in Europe – yet for every pint, shot and wine bottle drunk in Britain, almost £2 more goes to the taxman than if it was consumed across the channel.
World Health Organization (Serbia) - Serbia to develop a national alcohol programme
In Serbia, per capita alcohol consumption for adults (15 years and older) increased by 37% from 2003–2005 (9.2 L) to 2008–2010 (12.6 L). In the WHO European Region, alcohol consumption decreased by 10% during the same period.

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