Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alcohol News - 21/2014 (South Africa) - Steps to end alcohol abuse in SA
South Africa's social development department will use WHO data to try to end alcohol abuse. Individual South Africans consume an average of 8.2 litres of pure alcohol per annum.
Prague Post (Chech Republic) - Czechs spend billions on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes
Roughly one-fifth of Czech households complain that they can hardly make ends meet, but Czechs spend annually 12 billion Kč on drugs, 93 billion on alcohol, 84 billion on tobacco products and over 4 billion on prostitutes, the daily Právo writes today.
Medscape - Response to Social Alcohol Use May Predict Future Abuse
Young adults who have heightened alcohol stimulation and reward sensitivity are at risk for later development of alcohol use disorder (AUD), new research suggests.
WalesOnline (Wales) - 'Terrifying' drinking levels see Welsh hospitals dealing with alcohol-related admission every 35 minutes
Hospitals in Wales are dealing with an alcohol-related admission every 35 minutes on average, shocking new figures have revealed. Statistics obtained by WalesOnline show the number of admissions to Welsh hospitals where alcohol was a primary or secondary diagnosis reached 14,907 in 2012-2013.
Detroit Free Press - Why don't alcoholic drinks have nutrition labels?
One category is completely exempt from these requirements: alcohol. Why? Calories from alcohol are empty calories, and alcohol itself—when abused—is the source of innumerable health problems. Shouldn’t beer, wine, and liquor be subject to at least the same labeling requirements as pomegranate juice?
University Herald - Movies Encourage Youngsters to Drink More Alcohol, Study
A study conducted by researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands found that most films glamorise drinking, which encourages young people to consume more alcohol.
The Motor Report (Australia) - Vic: Ignition Interlocks For All Drink-Drivers By 2016
Victorian drink-drivers will be forced to pay for ignition-locking ‘interlock’ systems to be installed in their cars by 2016, the state’s Coalition Government has confirmed.
Pacific Standard - Alcohol Increases Aggression Before You’ve Taken a Sip
New research confirms that exposure to the idea of alcohol heightens aggressive behavior.
RSA - Alcohol and Crime: How Do We Break the Cycle?
Our panel of speakers discuss a major survey carried out by the Alcohol and Crime Commission, which was set up by Addaction.
Yahoo News (Iran) - More than a million alcohol drinkers in Iran: report
More than a million Iranians out of a population of 77 million drink alcohol, a participant in the country's First World Congress on Alcohol Abuse was quoted Tuesday as saying.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Drink-drive limit to be slashed to align Northern Ireland with Europe
The drink-drive alcohol limit is to be slashed by nearly 40% in the first major shake-up in the law here since it was introduced in 1968. (Australia) - Raising the legal age for alcohol purchase to 21 would reduce alcohol-related harm in Australia
There is strong evidence and increasing support to raise the minimum age for purchasing alcohol from 18 to 21, leading public health experts argue in The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA).

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