Monday, November 4, 2013

Alcohol News - 44/2013 (UK) - Online alcohol marketing encourages 'culture of intoxication' in young people, study suggests
Young people tend to view targeted alcohol marketing via social media sites as ''useful and informative'' instead of recognising it as advertising, research finds. (Kazakhstan) - Vice Minister: Kazakhstan plans to increase excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco
Kazakhstan is considering the possibility of increasing excise tax on alcohol and tobacco. "A gradual increase in excise taxes on strong alcohol and tobacco products is envisaged in order to discourage consumption of these socially harmful goods," Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan, Lena Karmazina said on Monday at the Senate (upper house) of the Kazakh Parliament, while presenting the draft law on the national budget for 2014-2016.
Oncology Nurse Advisor - Alcohol and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)
Alcohol is the common term for ethanol or ethyl alcohol, a chemical substance found in beer, wine, and liquor, as well as in some medicines, mouthwashes, household products, and essential oils (scented liquids taken from plants). Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of sugars and starches by yeast.
Bdlive (South Africa) - Minister blasts alcohol industry’s ‘arrogance’
HEALTH Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Wednesday took aim at the alcohol industry for resisting government regulation, describing its stance as the "arrogance of money thinking it can direct events".
WalesOnline (Wales) - Fall in the number of people referred for alcohol and drug misuse treatment in Wales
New figures released by the Welsh Government show there were 25,000 referrals for treatment of alcohol or drug misuse in 2012-13 – a fall of 5% compared to the previous year, with 54% of these related to alcohol.
The Parliament (EU) - NGOs have 'high hopes' for EU action plan on alcohol
The European commission has made its intentions clear with recent proposed action plan to reduce alcohol related harm, writes Mariann Skar.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Op-Ed: Alcohol convenience is bad for our health
Mac’s Convenience Stores is promising Ontarians a deal: 27 new convenience stores, the expansion of others, and a bunch of new jobs if they are allowed to sell beer, wine and spirits. But is Mac’s jobs for booze pledge really a good deal for Ontarians?
ERR News (Estonia) - Temperance Movement Welcomes Proposed Minimum Unit Price
The Estonian Temperance Union has praised Minister of Social Affairs Taavi Rõivas for considering a minimum unit price on alcoholic beverages.
Ninemsn (Australia) - Aussie drinkers poured into four labels
A Victorian study has poured punters into four types of tipplers: the initiator, the follower, the moderator and the protector.
Irish Times (Ireland) - NI Executive to push for lower blood-alcohol limits
Stormont ministers are to consider a package of measures designed to reverse a rise in the number of road deaths after years of significant declines.
Malaysia Sun (Ireland) - Alcohol bill unpopular but necessary
Whilst unpopular, the measures to rein in alcohol use, misuse, and in particular alcohol abuse, have become necessary.
Scotsman (Scotland) - End in sight for Glasgow’s early morning pubs
TIME is to be called on early morning drinking in Scotland’s largest city with council bosses set to tighten licensing laws.
Boston Globe (Russia) - Why Russia’s drinkers resist AA
IT USED TO BE a common sight in Moscow: two men, swaying on a corner and holding up three fingers in the air. A bottle of vodka cost 3 rubles back then, which meant that if there were three of you, it was an easy, cheap split. The three-finger salute was the universal sign that you were looking for investment partners.

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