Monday, September 30, 2013

Alcohol News - 39/2013 (Denmark) - Many Danes feel pressured into drinking
More than half of all Danes feel they need to justify saying no to alcohol, according to a new survey conducted by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.
UiO (Norway) - Binge Norway: Alcohol consumption in the transition to adulthood
Norway is a binge drinking country, and over half of 28-year old Norwegians binge drink on a typical drinking occasion (5 + units). Numerous research reports have highlighted the wide range of adverse consequences associated with this pattern of alcohol consumption, such as unintentional injuries, interpersonal violence, traffic accidents and social exclusion. (Lithuania) - Health Ministry proposes further restrictions of alcohol ads in Lithuania
Lithuania's Health Ministry has registered amendments to impose further restrictions on advertising alcohol, Lietuvos Žinios daily reports. (UK) - Hundreds of under 11s sent to A&E due to drugs or alcohol
A total of 293 children were admitted to accident and emergency for problems connected to drinking – an increase of a third from 2011.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Martin joins call to cut alcohol links to sport
THE Archbishop of Dublin has warned that Ireland's pervasive culture of drink must be "confronted and challenged", as he called on sporting bodies to seek alternative sources of sponsorship to the drinks industry.
The Atlantic (Russia) - How Alcohol Conquered Russia
Picture the Russian alcoholic: nose rosy, face unshaven, a bottle of vodka firmly grasped in his hands. By his side he has a half-empty jar of pickles and a loaf of rye bread to help the devilish substance go down.
Hotelier Middle East (Dubai) - More Dubai hotels going alcohol-free
Dubai has long been known as the playground of the Middle East, where Westerners can drink in some of the flashiest bars in the world. (New Zealand) - Another step forward for Local Alcohol Policy
After five weeks of deliberations on public submissions the Committee reviewing the draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) will make a number of recommendations to the incoming Christchurch City Council. (UK) - Alcohol related deaths on UK roads rise by almost 20 per cent
Official figures show 280 people were killed in accidents involving alcohol in 2012, 17 per cent up from the previous year. The findings are laid bare in the Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2012 Annual Report published yesterday.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Alcohol at U.N. luncheon to blame for missed Rouhani-Obama meeting?
While Western analysts have been speculating that Iran's moderate new leader failed to meet with President Obama at the United Nations this week because of opposition from hard-liners at home, Iranian political commentators are blaming the missed photo op on booze.
Voice of America (Sudan) - In South Sudan State, Women Turn to Alcohol
In South Sudan's Unity state, more and more jobless women are turning to alcohol -- not out of desperation but to make money to support their families, pay for health care and send their kids to school.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Docs want minimum price for alcohol
The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has called for minimum pricing to be introduced on alcohol. The IMO told the Oireachtas Health Committee that introducing a minimum price on alcohol would effectively reduce the burden of problem alcohol abuse of future generations in Ireland. (australia) - Alcohol industry lags on mandatory pregnancy warning labels
ALCOHOL companies are flouting government guidelines to warn mothers of the dangers of drinking while pregnant.
Medical Xpress - 'Traffic light' test could prevent hundreds of people developing alcohol-related cirrhosis
A simple 'traffic light' test that detects hidden liver fibrosis and cirrhosis in high risk populations could reduce harmful drinking rates and potentially prevent hundreds of alcohol-related deaths a year.
Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Students call for alcohol sales ban
University students from the Youth Network Against New Drinkers on Tuesday called for a ban on alcohol sales near academic institutions.
Science Daily - Underage Youth Get Cigarettes and Alcohol from Friends and Family
A survey conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shows that a majority of those underage students in Ontario, Canada who smoke or drink are getting cigarettes and alcohol from a friend or family member.

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